The North Face Debuts LIGHTRANGE At is excited to unveil the exclusive arrival of The North Face’s groundbreaking LIGHTRANGE collection.

Designed with the summer adventurer in mind, LIGHTRANGE apparel seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly materials.

The result? Unparalleled breathability, sun protection, and comfort that allows you to push your limits on even the hottest trails.

Innovation Meets Sustainability: A Winning Formula for Summer Exploration

LIGHTRANGE redefines what it means to conquer the summer elements. Here’s what sets this innovative collection apart:

Embrace the Summer with LIGHTRANGE at is your one-stop shop to experience the LIGHTRANGE difference.

Here are a few highlights from the collection that will have you itching to hit the trails:

The North Face Summer LT Sun Hoodie

This lightweight hoodie provides comfortable coverage with exceptional moisture management and sun protection.

Perfect for runners, hikers, campers, and anyone who enjoys the outdoors, it boasts thumbholes for added security and comes in sizes for women and kids.

The North Face Summer LT UPF Short-Sleeve Shirt

Eco-conscious adventurers will love this shirt. Built for performance, it wicks away sweat and keeps you cool thanks to its lightweight fabrication.

Even better? It’s made with recycled materials and designed for a lower environmental footprint. Available in a range of inclusive sizes for men, women, and kids.

The North Face Summer LT Run Hat

Stay cool and protected on the move with the versatile Summer LT Run Hat that offers a perfect blend of sun protection, breathability, and adjustability.

This makes it ideal for various activities, from a casual stroll to a challenging hike.

Leave the Heat Behind, Embrace the Adventure

Don’t let scorching temperatures sideline your summer adventures.

Visit now and explore the complete LIGHTRANGE collection from The North Face.

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