THiNK OUTSiDE Boxes: Outdoor Gear For Kids

THiNK OUTSiDE Kids’ Boxes Are Packed with Outdoor Gear

If you’ve got little ones in the family, you already know how hard it can be to get your kids to put down their phones and explore the world around them. And it can be especially frustrating if you love the outdoors and want your kids to feel the same sense of inspiration every time they step outside.

kids playing with the outdoor gear in their box next to a lake

Think Outside boxes get kids off their phones and into nature.

Fortunately, if you’re dreaming of sharing the beauty of the outdoors with your kids, THiNK OUTSiDE can help. Think Outside makes super-fun and interactive monthly subscription boxes packed with outdoor gear for kids. The brand’s founders have one idea in mind: get your kids off their phones and into the fresh air.

Activities are for kids and families and each box comes with three to five pieces of outdoor gear, along with activities using that gear and a 28+ page info that’s booklet full of knowledge and information on a topic. Each box will help kids become more confident in the outdoors (and themselves), whether they’re in a national park, in the woods, or just in their backyard. (And the first month comes with a sweet foldable daypack to use on hiking adventures!)

kid and dad in the desert; both wearing backpacks with outdoor gear for kids

Every Think Outside subscription starts with a hiking backpack so kids can carry their gear on adventures.

One Adventure-Packed Box Each Month:

Each subscription runs for exactly one year and provides a different theme each month to keep your child excited about the outdoors as the seasons change. With 28+ pages of activities and information included every month, your kids will have activities to keep them engaged for more than a few all-day adventure sessions. Kids and parents will also learn about national parks, trail etiquette, and resource protection along the way. After 12 months, your child will be well-prepared for a life spent playing outside.

Kids with ThinkOutside outdoor gear

Think Outside – getting ’em started on birdwatching at an early age

Different Themes:

While every box is outdoor themed, they’re all different. In late summer (stargazing season!) kids will receive the “Night” box, with items like a hands-free headlamp, a star mapping wheel, a travel-sized constellation ID card set, and even a packable outdoor blanket so they can relax in comfort while staring at the sky. Come fall, kids are treated to the “Wildlife” box, complete with outdoor gear for kids and parents to study their furry, scaly, and feathered neighbors. That includes binoculars, an outdoor sketch pad, animal ID cards, and plenty more – kids and adults are bound to hone their animal ID and tracking skills.

Kids Love to Learn the Outdoors

outdoor gear for kids subscription box in front, kids stargazing in back

Think Outside was started by two moms anxious to get their kids to spend more time in nature.

Your child may think they’re just identifying plants or going on a scavenger hunt, but they’re doing much more in the process.

Over the year, kids will develop a sense of curiosity for the world around them that’ll last long after their subscription finishes. Expect their confidence to grow as they overcome challenges and master new skills, and they’ll probably be a little more creative, too, thanks to activities focused on creative writing and drawing. And the whole family will have fun as they spend more time outside; numerous studies have shown that just a small amount of time outside each day makes everyone happier and less stressed.

With 65 five-star reviews (and a whopping one four-star review), it’s pretty clear that other parents and buyers see the benefits.

Think Outside boxes help families get outside together.

Kids’ Outdoor Gear Subscription Boxes

Think Outside is known for their subscription boxes for kids, but you don’t have to commit to a year. You can opt for a three-month or six-month membership instead, or even just a single month (a great gift for a kid’s birthday!) Fortunately, if you love a specific product in one of the boxes, you may be able to buy it online.

Think Outside sells popular items like water-resistant sketchbooks and night safety kits, and you can even throw in an extra welcome backpack if you’re planning on having siblings share the monthly box.

ThinkOutside's intro box is packed with outdoor gear for kids

The Think Outside welcome box is packed full of outdoor gear for kids.

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