Thrupack: Hiking and Backpacking Fanny Packs

Thrupack is a maker of purpose-built fanny packs for hikers and backpackers. The company’s founder, Paul Thomas, is a long-time long-distance backpacker who, over the course of thousands of trail miles, learned how valuable waist packs were for thru-hikers and other long-distance backpackers.

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Made for hikers, by hikers.

Since its inception, Thrupack has focused on creating useful and innovative accessories for long-distance hikers, and, as such, it has become a reputable brand in the thru-hiking community. Going forward, the company has set its sights on crafting even more awesome gear while fostering diversity and inclusion both internally and throughout the outdoor community.

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Fanny packs, waist packs—more like strap-anywhere-on-a-hiker packs!

See the Thrupack Summit Bum Classic

Thrupack Summit Bum Classic: More Than a Hiking Fanny Pack

The Summit Bum Classic is the flagship pack in the Thrupack product lineup. It’s a versatile pack that can be slung around your waist, strapped across your chest, thrown over your shoulder, or even lashed to your goat—hey, some people hike with goats, don’t judge.

Thrupack Summit Bum Hiking Fanny Pack

Meet the Thrupack Summit Bum Classic.

Every Thrupack Summit Bum Classic comes packaged with a detachable nylon webbing strap that slides through the back of the fanny pack and then around whatever you want to attach it to. You can also opt to upgrade to a plush and extra-wide Comfy Strap to ensure that your Summit Bum rides comfortably no matter where or how far you wander.

Thrupack Comfy Straps

Comfy Straps for when the going gets cozy.

Similar to the eclectic collection of funky fresh straps that are available, the Summit Bum Classic can also be had in a wide range of fun colors and designs.

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What’s your favorite color?

As far as functionality is concerned, the Summit Bum Classic is exceptionally practical. Alone, the pack itself weighs a mere 2.5 ounces, and it’s comprised of a durable 210D nylon ripstop fabric that’ll prove tough enough for any trail.

Black and White Thrupacks

Black and white are timeless options. You can’t go wrong!

Additionally, each Summit Bum Classic features a 2.5-liter capacity with a pair of internal pockets to help you keep your supplies organized, an easy-access smartphone-sized pocket, an internal mitten clip, and multiple exterior loops for carabiners and other attachments. Your snacks and small essentials are going to feel right at home in the Summit Bum.

Thru-Hiking Origins

Thrupack was born on America’s iconic national scenic trails. Paul put more than 5,000 miles under his feet when he took on both the Appalachian and Pacific Crest Trails, and, along those journeys, he encountered countless thru-hikers and section hikers with whom he shared stories and, of course, talked gear.

Thrupack Mount Whitney

Started from the bottom (of the mountain) now we’re way up here.

It quickly became obvious to Paul how useful waist packs were for thru-hikers, and so when he returned home he immediately set himself to work making the first Thrupack prototypes in his gear closet. Paul wanted to make better waist packs that were specifically designed for hikers and backpackers. What at first was an idea became a hobby, and then blossomed into a highly-praised fledgling business.

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Happy trails.

See the Thrupack Summit Bum Classic

Build Your Own Thrupack

Among the many awesome attributes of Thrupack’s product line is the fact that you can build your own Thrupack piece by piece. You can choose the shape, material, color, and more when you use the Thrupack Builder.

Thrupack Builder

Donut call this Thrupack boring.

Of course, the Summit Bum Classic is a fantastic option to start with. See the Thrupack Summit Bum Classic, and learn more about Thrupack.

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