Tifosi Optics Revolutionizes Active Eyewear With the Launch of Sanctum Sunglasses

Leading sport and lifestyle sunglasses brand, Tifosi Optics, has expanded its active-lifestyle collection with the launch of the highly anticipated Sanctum.

Breaking new ground, Sanctum introduces an oversized rectangular profile to the Tifosi lineup, providing a perfect blend of fashion and functionality for medium to large facial profiles.

Sanctum is Eyewear for the Everyday

Crafted with Tifosi’s innovative Thrive technology, Sanctum’s frame is composed of 45% renewable materials derived from castor oil, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

The design ensures complete eye coverage during dynamic activities such as running, cycling, and pickleball.

Unlike traditional shield-style sunglasses, Sanctum’s relaxed frame seamlessly transitions from sports to casual settings.

Priced affordably at $34.95, Sanctum maintains Tifosi’s high standards with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, hydrophilic rubber nose pieces for enhanced grip, and the proprietary Tifosi Glide technology for a secure fit during movement.

With seven colorways, including the sleek Matte Gunmetal frame and Cobalt Blue Mirror lens combination, Sanctum aims to be the go-to eyewear companion for all-day, all-season use.

Each purchase includes a microfiber cleaning bag for added convenience.

Images courtesy of Tifosi Optics

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