Meet TravelChair Recycled Line: Classic Camp Chairs Made From Recycled Water Bottles

Travelchair has long been a standard bearer of the outdoor chair. Whether you’re familiar with the Joey, one of the first compact and portable backpacking chairs, the oversized loungers for car camping weekends, or their fast and light sitting stools, you have probably sat in (or owned) a Travelchair chair at one point.


The new Travelchair Recycled Line, made with recycled plastic water bottles.

The company knows how to make a comfortable seat, and now they are making seats out of recycled plastic bottles. Through REPREVE fabrics, an outdoor brand partner that makes a host of custom fabrics entirely out of recycled water bottles, Travelchair has updated the look, feel, and environmental impact of its most popular chairs in a small batch production run. The foray into sustainability furniture for the outdoors comes at a time when more and more outdoor brands are challenging their current fabric and supply chains to make lasting impact on the environment.


An original, updated.

The Travelchair Recycled Line — made with REPREVE — includes the five most popular chairs by Travelchair, including the Joey, Big Kahuna, and Slacker (the latter two pictured in this article).

Not only are these chairs environmentally friendly, but they have a few new stellar features too.

See the Travelchair Recycled Line

Unique Features of the TravelChair Recycled Line

While each chair is a classic, they have been updated to include special features that go beyond environmental impact. We took a look at the Big Kahuna camping chair. As the name implies, this is a beastly chair (not meant for carrying) that will set you up in decadent comfort at any campground or beach.


The Big Kahuna camps with the best of ’em.

The Big Kahuna is oversized to accommodate the largest folks, or multiple small children, and has a rugged yet flexible frame to hold up to 800 pounds. The Recycled Big Kahuna has two large arms with pads at the front, an attached bottle opener, and three separate cup holder areas. One arm has a cup divider to hold multiple objects, or you can collapse it for a giant thermos.


Grab a drink and relax.

The Big Kahuna also has a zippered sleeve in the back of the chair to easily insert a pillow, making the comfort adjustable and impressive for a camp chair. The included case is burly, has an exterior pocket for quick stuffing, and a strap for easy carrying. While the Big Kahuna is not light, it will support you for years, and the fabric is made of recycled water bottles!

The other product of major note in the Recycled Line is the Slacker Stool, which has made a dent on portable “rest” in the backcountry. No back, a scant two pounds, and an easy strap and setup system makes the Slacker Stool an ideal companion for anyone who needs a quick rest but doesn’t want to pack a whole chair. The Stool is great to set up mid-day on the trail for a lunch break, and excellent for less spry backpackers who want rest without the weight.


The Slacker Stool provides just enough comfort for the backcountry.

Plus, the two zippered mesh pockets are great for simple storage, and the included strap allows you to secure it to a backpack any way you want.


Extra storage in the mesh pouches for easy-to-lose items like chapstick or utensils.

Recycled & REPREVE

Travelchair’s goal is to offer its best chairs in environmentally friendly builds. For camping chairs, this means using a new type of fabric for the covers. The fabric needs to be strong enough to hold people up, rip-resistant enough to last for years of use and abuse, yet remain light and compact enough to use in the outdoors.


The Recycled Line uses a singular fabric made of recycled plastic bottles, and it is seriously strong.

The Big Kahuna and Slacker Stool are just two models that have gotten the makeover, and the fabric is what’s most noticeable. It’s stylish in an earthy brown, has a tree insignia logo, and feels seriously strong in-hand.

REPREVE is one of the premier organizations creating fibers out of recycled plastic bottled. To date (and at the time of writing), the company has recycled roughly 25 billion bottles. That larger impact is tangible, and REPREVE actually offsets new petroleum production by emitting less greenhouse gases and conserving resources in the process of production.

See the Travelchair Recycled Line

Who is Travelchair?

Travelchair is one of the premier creators of outdoor furniture, whether you’re car camping with the RV or trekking deep into the backcountry. The company’s chairs have pushed the boundaries of weight, comfort, and design, creating comfortable and lasting products to give outdoor folks solid rest.

See the Travelchair Recycled Line, and learn more about Travelchair.

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