Turtle Fur Dives into Summer with Sustainable Adventure Apparel

Turtle Fur, a brand synonymous with warmth and comfort in the winter months, has thrown a delightful curveball for outdoor enthusiasts.

Shedding their traditional focus on battling the cold, the brand has surprised everyone with the launch of their first summer collection.

Turtle Fur Launches First Summer Collection

This exciting new line encourages year-round adventuring by providing stylish and sustainable pieces designed to keep you cool and protected from the elements.

The collection boasts a variety of sun hats perfect for active adventures. Here are a few highlights:

Offgrid 5 Panel Hat

This versatile hat combines city chic with outdoor functionality.

Made from a lightweight, recycled fabric and featuring a moisture-wicking sweatband, it’ll keep you cool during hikes, paddles, runs, or even a stroll down city streets.

Offgrid 5 Panel Hat

Trekker Trucker Hat

Built for the trail, this hat offers a lightweight, recycled build with a wide mesh back for maximum breathability.

A moisture-wicking sweatband ensures comfort during strenuous activity, while a simple cordlock closure provides a secure fit.

For those seeking sun protection with a touch of flair, the Turtle Fur summer collection offers the Drifter Bucket Hat.

Turtle Fur Trekker Trucker Hat

Drifter Bucket Hat

This reversible bucket hat is crafted from 100% recycled polyester and offers 360-degree sun and rain protection.

It’s lightweight and packable, making it the perfect companion for any adventure, from a day at the lake to an outdoor concert.

Drifter Bucket Hat

Don’t let the summer heat slow you down.

Find the perfect, stylish, and sustainable gear to fuel your next adventure by checking Turtle Fur’s website today.

Images courtesy of Turtle Fur

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