Turtle Fur Donates Over 25,000 Hats, Accessories

Turtle Fur proudly announced that the leading headwear and accessories brand has donated 25,205 hats and accessories to 107 recipient organizations across the United States and Canada this year.

This is part of the brand’s Project Warmth initiative that seeks to help those in need stay warm with donations of cold weather headwear and accessories.

Richard Sontag, Chief Turtle, said that Project Warmth has been a great success since the beginning, but especially over the past couple of years.

Since Project Warmth began in 2008, Turtle Fur has donated over 145,000 products to 403 organizations across 49 states and four Canadian provinces.

Turtle Fur encouraged customers and retailers to actively take part in this give-back initiative.

When customers share a picture of themselves wearing Turtle Fur on social media, tag @turtlefur, and use the hashtag #projectwarmth, Turtle Fur will see it and donate an item. When the customer also tags the retailer where they bought their accessory, Turtle Fur will double the donation.

The Giving Team at Turtle Fur is also looking for new donation recipients and encouraging people to suggest organizations, shelters, non-profits in their local communities that could use hats and other cold-weather accessories.

Image courtesy of Turtle Fur

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