Vert PivLock from SMITH Optics Is Designed For Adventure

When it comes to outdoor adventures, nothing compares to an exceptional pair of SMITH Optics sunglasses.

A clear vision of the rocks, roots, and terrain ahead is crucial whether you’re riding a mountain bike, running long distances, or cycling quickly on the road.

Vert PivLock Performance Sunglasses

With the Smith Vert PivLock sunglasses, you can rely on a distraction-free experience and a widescreen perspective to help you focus whether you’re tearing through a downhill or keeping track of your effort on a climb.

Their rimless construction, shield lens, and lightest weight result in a low-profile fit and unobstructed vision.

To adapt to the lighting, you can quickly switch between the ChromaPop lens and the additional clear lens thanks to the PivLock design.

The Vert stays put where you need it to be when traversing challenging terrain and rapid descents thanks to non-slip nose and temple cushions.

Available in six colors, these sunglasses feature smudge and moisture-resistant coating for easy cleaning and clear optics.

If you purchase the Smith Vert PivLock, you also get a bonus clear lens, performance hard case, and microfiber bag.

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