Video Series For Young Boaters Covers How Life Jackets Can Save You

The importance of wearing life jackets when boating or fishing cannot be overstated. However, the way in which they are used can make all the difference.

The non-profit Future Angler Foundation (FAF), along with the Into The Outdoors Education Network (ITOE) has developed and is offering a series of educational fishing and boating safety videos designed to capture the imagination of elementary, middle school, and high school youth.

Patrick Neu, FAF president, said the single most important decision young boaters and anglers make on any trip to the water is wearing a life jacket in appropriate situations.

“How Life Jackets Save You” reinforces that ultimate message in an informative and entertaining way.

Shorter, custom video segments, including “More Than Just Life Jackets” and “Water Safety Best Practices,” complete with lesson plans, are also available for sharing in classroom or fishing club settings.”

According to data from the United States Coast Guard, 86% of drowning victims meet a terrible fate while not wearing a life jacket.

Young viewers are thoroughly engaged by the peer-to-peer presenting style of the video so they can immediately grasp its simple but powerful message: “The best way to prevent yourself from drowning is to wear your personal floatation devices (PFDs).”

Join co-hosts Zach and CB as they explore how personal flotation devices (PFDs) are designed, how they function, how they fit, and how they ought to be used.

If you like “How Life Jackets Save You,” be sure to check out FAF’s entire online series at Into the Outdoors.

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