VSSL, FCS Partner To Introduce Premium Summer Surf Kit

If you are a surfer, you know that keeping your gear in working order is an essential part of enjoying the sport.

VSSL and FCS are proud to introduce a new Surf Supply Kit that not only makes it easy for you to keep your equipment in top condition but also preserves precious resources by giving you the ability to repair it yourself.

Todd Weimer, founder of VSSL, said they have partnered with FCS, an expert in surf, to develop the ideal assortment of equipment to give you and your gear confidence and protection during those incredible days on the water.

“The compact, functional, and minimalist design makes the VSSL x FCS Surf Repair Kit an easy add to any adventure pack,” he said.

The kit is designed to contain all necessary surf repair components in a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-access capsule.

With a four-mode LED lantern endcap that provides 20 hours of continuous light and 40 hours of SOS display, the VSSL x FCS Surf Repair Kit provides vital, well-picked materials.

The kit’s contents include a Surf Repair Kit, Wound Cover Kit, Four Hour Beeswax Candle, Fire Striker Kit, and Multipurpose Adventure Tape

Weimer said that whether you are packing for a trip down the coast or heading to more exotic locations, this kit will ensure you are ready for whatever the waves bring.

The VSSL x FCS Surf Supply Kit (MSRP: $130) is available online at www.vsslgear.com.

Images courtesy of VSSL

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