VSSL Launches New Essentials Collection

VSSL, a leader in the survival and preparedness gear industry, is proud to announce the launch of their brand new Essentials Collection.

The collection includes a curated selection of four multi-use gear kits and tools in VSSL’s standard waterproof, indestructible aluminum vessels.

The Catch & Cook Kit, which is a must-buy for anglers and fishermen, features a fish tackle tin, fire striker kit, wire saw, and even a compass endcap.

When your plans don’t go as expected, you will need the Fix Kit which includes a sewing kit, whistle, trail tape, zip ties, gear twists, and a carabiner endcap.

The Ready Kit, which is a must-have for every outdoor traveler, is comprised of a razor blade, wire saw, paracord and robe, with a compass endcap.

For your basic needs, the Mini Utility Light is a four-mode LED flashlight with multifunctional tape, two bamboo cloths, and an empty tin housed inside – but in the most basic shape.

To kick off summer, VSSL is offering 20% off any Build Your Own VSSL starting Thursday, April 21 through Monday, May 2. It’s also a great opportunity to purchase a customized Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift.

Images courtesy of VSSL

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