Get Moving with Vuori's Top-Rated Activewear at REI Co-op

Looking to refresh your running routine or elevate your everyday activewear? Look no further than Vuori’s bestsellers, now available at REI Co-op.

Known for their signature stretch and softness, Vuori’s clothing will keep you comfortable and confident mile after mile.

Upgrade Your Run with the Clementine 2.0 Shorts

These fan-favorite women’s shorts are back and better than ever.

The Clementine 2.0 features a 4-inch inseam and keeps the features you love:

Effortless Style Meets Performance with the Energy Crop Tank Top

Focus on your workout, not your outfit, with the Energy Crop Tank Top.

Designed for a flattering fit, this top pairs perfectly with high-waist leggings.

Men’s Kore Shorts: Train Harder, Feel Better

The Kore Shorts are built to keep up with your most intense workouts.

Clock More Miles with the Chromatic Kore Shorts

For runners who need extra storage, the Chromatic Kore Shorts are a perfect choice.

They feature all the comfort of the Kore Shorts with the added benefit of zippered pockets.

Take Your Activewear to the Next Level with Vuori at REI

With REI and Vuori, you’re sure to find the perfect gear to elevate your every adventure.

Visit REI Co-op today and experience the difference Vuori can make in your active lifestyle.

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