Vvolt Introduces Alpha II E-Bike: A Fusion of Simplicity and Style

Vvolt, the renowned innovator in the electric bike realm, has introduced its latest masterpiece: the Alpha II.

This sleek and elegant e-bike embodies simplicity and functionality, catering to riders who crave an effortless and enjoyable riding experience.

The Alpha II: Simple, Beautiful, and Easy to Love

Boasting five modes of responsive pedal assistance, the Alpha II ensures versatility tailored to individual preferences.

Its zero-maintenance belt drive, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and integrated removable battery further enhance its appeal, promising hassle-free ownership and operation.

Designed with ergonomic handlebars and premium components like the long-lasting Gates Carbon Drive belt and Shimano brakes, the Alpha II prioritizes comfort, durability, and safety in every ride.

The Alpha II boasts key specifications such as a UL2849 certified battery system and Vvolt’s custom aluminum step-through frame and fork.

Additionally, it features a rear hub motor delivering 350 watts of power and 45 Nm of torque, all within a lightweight 44-pound package.

Priced competitively at $1,699, the Alpha II sets a new standard in the e-bike market, offering unparalleled simplicity, beauty, and rideability.

Images courtesy of Vvolt

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