WhistlePig & Solo Stove Team Up for Limited Edition Whiskey

Summer is synonymous with campfires, good company, and delicious drinks.

This year, WhistlePig Whiskey and Solo Stove are taking things a step further with the launch of their limited-edition CampStock Wheat Whiskey and Camp WhistlePig experience.

A Unique Wheat Whiskey for Warm Weather Adventures

CampStock Wheat Whiskey is a first-of-its-kind spirit, crafted for easy drinking under the summer sky.

Made with a high wheat content and finished in Solo Stove-toasted barrels, this whiskey boasts a smooth and crowd-pleasing profile.

Hints of citrus, toasted bread, and vanilla create a well-rounded finish that perfectly complements the smoky ambiance of a campfire.


From the Sticks to the City: The Camp WhistlePig Experience

The collaboration extends beyond the bottle.

WhistlePig has broken down their used barrels to create limited-edition Solo Stove Whiskey Barrel Firewood, ensuring smokeless campfires wherever you are.

For the ultimate outdoor experience,  limited-edition and custom WhistlePig-branded Solo Stove Mesa XL tabletop stoves are also available.

Camp WhistlePig: A Summer Camp for Whiskey Fans

To celebrate the launch, WhistlePig Farm & Distillery is hosting Camp WhistlePig throughout June.

Fans can enter a contest on WhistlePig and Solo Stove’s social media channels for a chance to win an unforgettable stay at the camp.

Think off-the-grid adventures under the Vermont stars, complete with Solo Stove cookouts, WhistlePig S’mores Maple Old Fashioneds, and classic summer camp activities.


Limited-Edition Bundles and Nationwide Availability

Following the success of SummerStock Whiskey in 2023, CampStock offers another reason to enjoy WhistlePig year-round.

Starting May 22nd, a variety of CampStock bundles will be available, including the whiskey itself, Solo Stove fire pits, and even campfire essentials like whiskey glasses and ice molds.

Individual bottles of CampStock Wheat Whiskey will also be available online and in liquor stores nationwide for a more budget-friendly option.

Light a Fire, Spark Connections

“This partnership embodies our commitment to bringing people together,” shared Luana Bumachar, Chief Marketing Officer at Solo Stove.

The collaboration between WhistlePig and Solo Stove is more than just a product launch – it’s an invitation to gather around the fire, share stories, and forge lasting memories.

So, grab your friends and family, light a smokeless fire, and experience the magic of CampStock this summer.

Images courtesy of Solo Stove

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