Wild Wanderer Spotlight: Kevin

The Wild Wanderer Spotlight Series highlights the stories of queer adventurers in their own words. We hope that by sharing these underrepresented voices, outdoor diversity and inclusivity will flourish. You are not alone.

Wild Wanderer Spotlight: Kevin

Wild Wanderer Kevin

“Trans and gender-nonconforming people need to feel comfortable in every space if we are going to make outdoor access available for everyone.” – Kevin

Kevin Belanger

What are your pronouns?


How do you identify?

Gay man

What outdoor activities are you involved in?

Trail biking, trail running, camping, bikepacking

Tell us about a favorite/memorable outdoor adventure you’ve had:

I just finished detailing my bikepacking adventure last summer from Pittsburgh to DC last summer on my blog, By Way of the Trail. Took 6 days with an old friend, camped the whole way because of Covid, had an epic time! Pretty sure I saw a mountain lion. And definitely did see a bear!

In your opinion, what are the most important challenges/issues facing queer people outside?

Trans inclusivity, especially in rural areas. Trans and gender-nonconforming people need to feel comfortable in every space if we are going to make outdoor access available for everyone.

As an LGBTQIA+ person, if you could change one thing about the outdoor industry, what would it be?

The outdoor industry is pretty open for me as a gay man – I’m lucky I rarely need to hide myself to feel like I fit in. But I’m also white. More people of color in visible positions in the outdoor industry will go a long way. More queer POCs? Even better.

Do you have anything else to add?

I work for Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and am the lead planner for the Great American Rail-Trail. I love the project for many reasons, one of which is bringing all kinds of people together. It goes through cities and rural areas. I hope more queer people consider doing something like the Great American Rail-Trail – personally, I make sure to not hide my queerness when I am working in the field and talking with all kinds of people about how awesome the trail is and what it can do for our communities.

Also, how could I forget my drag alter ego Whiskey Ginger! My favorite look of hers is a park ranger. I hope to take her into the wild at some point.

Spotlight Kevin

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Lettie Stratton

Lettie Stratton is the founder of Wild Wanderer, an outdoor adventure site for the LGBTQIA+ community. Lettie is a writer, cyclist, backpacker, hiker, nordic skier, and enjoyer of all things outdoors.

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