World’s First-Ever Transparent Air-Insulated Cooler by ICEMULE Coolers

ICEMULE Coolers, makers of the most portable, premium backpack coolers, has launched a revolutionary new transparent cooler that offers top-notch features suitable for mobile situations.

Dubbed as the world’s first-ever transparent, air-insulated cooler, the ICEMULE Clear was designed for sporting event venues, concert arenas and amphitheaters, and other locations which require clear bags for entry.

James Collie, founder and CEO of ICEMULE Coolers, said their team noticed the ‘clear’ trend making a comeback and the constant need to have a clear bag for entry into all types of venues.

“We saw a unique opportunity for ICEMULE to create this innovative, first-of-its-kind cooler,” he said.

The ICEMULE Clear is made possible thanks to the patented IM AirValveÒ technology to allow for the cooler to be insulated by air instead of foam.

Air’s ability to insulate from heat is about 25% as efficient as foam insulation, meaning the ICEMULE Clear retains ice for 25% as long as its ICEMULE counterparts like the Classic or Pro.

After extensive testing, ICEMULE guarantees contents will stay cold for five to seven hours in the ICEMULE Clear TM when used properly.

The ICEMULE Clear is available in 9L and 15L, retailing for $79.95 and $99.95, respectively.

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