YETI Expands Super Durable GoBox Collection

YETI has expanded its line of waterproof, dustproof, and durable storage solutions by adding new GoBox sizes to the collection.

In addition to the original GoBox 30, YETI has included new sizes namely Gobox 15 and GoBox 60 to give you more ways to organize and store the items needed in the way you like them.

Everything that you cannot risk being exposed to the elements or disarray is safeguarded by the compact LoadOut GoBox 15 Gear Case.

It’s a cargo box you can pull into the skiff, toss in the backseat, or take to the blind since it’s made to fit in compact locations and has a flip-up Grab and Go handle.

The GoBox 60 is your on-the-go gear locker when there is a piece of equipment you simply cannot do without.

This is a must for long camping and hunting expeditions, and thanks to its strengthened locks and Wildproof construction, it can withstand years of exposure to seawater, snow, dirt, and dust.

Whether you need to keep your camera and supplies secure, store your ski equipment, or store the essentials on a boat, the YETI GoBox has you covered.

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