YETI Reimagines the Classic: Introducing the Roadie 15 Cooler

After a decade, the beloved Roadie collection welcomes a new member – the Roadie 15 Cooler.

This isn’t just any addition – it’s the most compact hard cooler YETI has ever offered.

Small in Size, Big on Performance

Don’t let its size fool you. The Roadie 15 packs a punch.

It holds 22 cans and 16 pounds of ice, perfectly accommodating your favorite beverages and keeping them refreshingly cold for extended periods.

Wine lovers will appreciate its wine bottle compatibility, ensuring all your picnic essentials stay perfectly chilled.

The new Roadie 15 Cooler

Built for Adventure (and Tight Spaces)

The Roadie 15 is designed to be your go-to cooler for any adventure, big or small.

Its compact size makes it ideal for situations where space is limited.

Whether you’re using it in cars of all sizes, tents, or even your apartment balcony, the Roadie 15 keeps your drinks and food cold without sacrificing valuable space.

Take it kayaking, paddle boarding, or on an ATV trip – its portability makes it effortless to bring along, ensuring you have refreshingly cold drinks no matter the terrain.

Carrying it down to the beach or your fishing spot is a breeze thanks to the included double-duty strap.

Smarter Design for Maximum Convenience

YETI stays true to its reputation for smart design with the Roadie 15. It features thoughtful touches that elevate your outdoor experience:

The Roadie 15 Cooler

Ready to Experience the Roadie 15?

The Roadie 15 is the perfect cooler for anyone who wants YETI performance in a compact package.

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or simply looking for a reliable cooler for everyday use, the Roadie 15 is a versatile option.

Visit the YETI website or your nearest authorized retailer to get yours today and start making your adventures colder and more convenient.

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