Zamberlan 226 Salathe Trek GTX RR Hiking Boots Have Arrived

The third-generation, handcrafted Italian bootmaker Zamberlan has announced the release of a new hiking boot for the fall season.

If you’re looking for the ultimate comfort, support, and durability, look no further than Zamberlan’s  226 Salathe Trek GTX RR hiking boots.

Introducing Zamberlan 226 Salthe Trek GTX RR

The 226 Salathe Trek GTX RR is a mid-cut version of Zamberlan’s well-liked 215 Salathe.

It has the same exceptional features and maneuverability as the predecessor but stands at an ankle-protecting 6 inches tall.

The Salathe Trek is the ideal trailhead-to-summit shoe for all your adventures outdoors since it is built for flexibility and lightweight comfort with the support of a hiking boot.

It features hydro bloc suede leather uppers that are soft and lightweight and are complemented by stretch over-the-foot wraps that are well-padded and offer a sock-like environment for the foot for increased comfort.

Other key features include:

These hiking boots are built around Zamberlan’s new comfort-fit performance that lasts for supreme comfort over long miles.

If you want to look cool while being totally comfortable on your next trek, be sure to check out these new boots only at

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