Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket Review

Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket Overview

The Canada Goose HyBridge Lite Jacket is the brand’s signature active down puffy for moderate temperatures, and excels in temperatures hovering between 25 and 40 degrees (F). For those that don’t know, Canada Goose is a brand known for incredible quality at an incredibly high price. Often used for arctic exploration and on the sets of chilly Hollywood movies, it’s a brand usually seen in an urban crowd, but many of its pieces do equally well in the wild.

The HyBridge Lite can be worn alone or layered most of the year in most places — or is my mountain life showing? Are not all places as brisk as Colorado?

The Hybrdige Lite uses Canada Goose’s Feather-Light-10D fabric, which is a medium Denier, and it has a DWR finish. Meaning, it’s very burley and water resistant while maintaining a light feel that is also breathable. The unique part of this down puffy is that the sides and inner sleeves are made of Tensile-Tech, a fancy name for a soft shell material that has 4-way stretch. And damn, is it stretchy. And again, very breathable. The Hybridge Lite uses 800-fill hutterite white goose down, which is fully traceable and ethically sourced, and has two exterior zippered pockets, reflective strips in the right places, and thumb holes, if you’re into those.

Due to its quality construction, versatility, and outdoor-vogue-esque appeal, we’ve chosen the Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket as our Premium Pick for the Urban Hiker.

But because of its versatility, this jacket would please even the pickiest wilderness explorer. It really does seem to have everything. What’s more, it’s made in Canada, so you can feel good about dropping the big bucks if manufacturing practices are something you care about. (You should.)

Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket Star Rating
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Warmth
  • Packability


The Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket is a surprsingly versatile down jacket that works for urban hikers that want to make a fashion statement, and outdoor enthusaists that want a highly active puffy. The tough 10D exterior shell fabric combines with Tensile Tech, a stretchy panel that runs along the torso and arms for exceptional movement. The Hybridge Lite is stuffed full of 800-fill down, has thumb holes, and weighs just under 10 ounces. It will last, and it will look good doing so.

Read our full guide to down jackets to see if this is the right jacket for your Backpacker Type, and read the full Canada Goose Hybridge Lite review below.

Hybridge Lite Jacket Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 9.5 oz. (269 g) Weight for a women’s Medium. A very light down jacket any way you look at it.
Down Quality 800-Fill Very high quality down.
Down Type Hutterite White Goose Down Canada Goose’s down is ethically sourced and fully traceable as of January 2017.
Fill Weight Not Listed No fill weight is listed, and it really should be. This helps determine how warm the jacket will be without actually wearing it.
Shell Fabric Feather-Light-10D This custom shell fabric is 10D 100% nylon and is surprisingly tough.
DWR Treatment Yes The shell fabric has a solid DWR coat.
Number of Pockets 3 Two external zippered pockets and one internal drop in pocket. Decent sized.
Stuffs Into Itself Yes The coat packs into a pocket with some effort and is quite small.
Adjustable Waist No No adjustable waist. This would be a nice feature to keep in the warmth.
Hood/Jacket Option Hooded and Jacket Canada Goose offers this in a hooded and non-hooded jacket, and a vest. We tested the non-hooded jacket.
Gender Women’s, Men’s The same exact jacket is available for both men and women.
Sizes Available Women’s XXS-XL; Men’s S-XL Many sizes available.
Manufacturer Warranty Practical Lifetime Canada Goose gives a practical lifetime warranty to all its products. This does not include normal wear and tear.
Retail Cost $550 An extremely high price for a down jacket. You get a fashion statement and a very solid product.

Gear Review of the Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket

Origins: Easing You In

I reside high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Booming elk and sheep populations mix with a mountain lion or ten. This is where I decided to test out the Canada Goose HyBridge Lite down jacket. I figured it would be hard to beat my local trails and the small towns down the mountain as a testing ground for a versatile down puffy.

I love trying new down jackets because they all tend to be quite unique. I have rarely tried out one and thought — “Wow, this is just like that other one!” This held true for the Hybridge Light, and I had so much stoke for testing my first Canada Goose piece!

The first time I wore it was on a very blustery day at 5:00 a.m. I layered it with a wool long-sleeve and some thin gloves. There was snow and solitude. And winds gusting at 80 mph with a lovely 50 mph sustained headwind. I started off a little chilly, but within a few minutes of uphill slog, was toasty as could be — in a comfortable sort of way, not that gnarly I AM SO HOT! WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?! kind of way.


Zipping the Hybridge Lite in the snow, with gloves. Easy.

I found the breathability to be quite nice and I appreciated the lack of hood a lot — sometimes on windy days having a hood is the worst.

The next test came in the form of a grocery run. Seems silly, right? Nah. To get groceries I have to head down a mountain into a land much warmer than the area I live. Finding clothing that can go from very harsh conditions to quite mild conditions can be a challenge. I almost always find myself cursing the warm weather of the lower elevations.

But, what do you know — the Hybridge Lite came through with  outstanding breathability and the ability to perform perfectly in a much different temperature range. Again, I was wearing a wool long-sleeved shirt under it and went from 30 degrees in the mountains to 50 degrees in town, and had no issues with being too hot. Breathability is not often found in a down jacket, and stands out here.


Stoked on that versatile breathability. And the epic mountains, of course.

For the duration of my test period, I took this jacket up many mountains and on many grocery runs. I wore it to work and used it while sitting still in the freezing cold for long periods of time to photograph wildlife. I was never dissatisfied.

Revelation: The Moment I Knew

While staking out a patch of alpine tundra at 11,500 feet to get photos of mountain goats, I realized I was going to be hanging out for a while. There were no goats to be seen. I was very exposed in high winds with nearly zero sun. It was a dreary kind of day. Honestly, I underestimated the gear I should have brought with me. It happens to the best of us.


The Hybridge Lite scrambles well.

The good news is that I did bring along the Hybridge Lite. And after unpacking it, quickly shrugging it on, and zipping up the burly zippers, I realized all the time I was about to spend sitting would be just fine. Until this point I didn’t fully understand just how durable the Hybridge Lite was. But laying on talus and sharp gravel for hours was what really put it to the test. And the result: it is burly as hell. Not one scuff, tear, or expelled feather after nearly three hours of me rolling around on rocks.

Likewise, I was never cold, nor did I overheat. In this color, I found I blended into my surroundings nicely and I ended up hiking down with the shot I came to get of the goats, along with a new appreciation for Canada Goose and this extremely versatile jacket.


Warm, but not too warm, looking good, all while taking some stunning photos. Hard to ask for more from a down jacket.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have worn many down jackets similar to this one. But the burly nature, while still being so breathable and lightweight (9.5 ounces) really impressed me. It impressed the mountain goats too, trust me.

Digging Deeper

Do you ever struggle to get your jacket zipped with gloves or mittens? It’s pretty common. But Canada Goose took the annoyance out by using big fat zippers that are super easy to use even in the harshest conditions. This includes the main zipper and the hand-warmer pocket zippers.


Extra-large zipper pulls, and a burly zipper, make this jacket easy to adjust in the cold with gloves.

This jacket packs into its pocket and is uber tiny when all packed up. While there’s no hood on the HyBridge Lite version I tested, the option is available for those of you who prefer it. With this type of down jacket, layering is key. I find the hoodless option to be most excellent for that.

The jacket truly does have an incredible amount of stretch that makes it perfect for ninja moves, Costco-lifting, or your typical high alpine adventures. I was a little unsure at first how it would hold up, if it would pill or snag, the usual things that go wrong with tech materials. But after lots of wear and many adventures, it’s as good as new. The touch of reflection tape is also great for an early morning start or late-night adventures.

The pockets have a ton of room, something most clothing for women is lacking. But behold! I can fit my giant iPhone, my keys, and a snack into just one pocket. That leaves another pocket for anything else — plus there’s the inside stretch pocket. So as far as pocket room goes, sky’s the limit!


The interior drop pocket is a nice touch.

All of these qualities of the HyBridge Lite are awesome, but to really put the cherry on top, it also looks good. It’s stylish without being loud. It’s timeless and flattering. The seaming is detailed and the little logo is pretty darn cute. I do understand why people wear Canada Goose for fashion, because there is something very clean and crisp about the cut. But come on people, use it for adventure! Because truly, it can handle it.


What can I say, it’s a good looking jacket.

Comfort 4 Stars

I like the fit of the Hybridge Lite. It’s comfortable enough to wear for most occasions, including sleeping on chilly nights. I appreciate the lack of a hood because it makes this jacket very comfortable to layer with. The only reason this wasn’t given 5 stars in comfort is because of those pesky thumb-holes. Not comfortable, and the sleeves are a bit too long to forget about them.

I am not a thumb-hole person, so that may just be me, but for true comfort the sleeves should be sized appropriately to wear with or without the thumb holes engaged.


Thumb-hole haters won’t love this feature.

Durability 5 Stars

I’ve found the durability of the Hybridge Lite to be stellar. I’ve bushwhacked with it,  fallen down scree with it, and my dog has jumped all over me while I was wearing it. After extensive use the zippers still work, the down isn’t coming out, and it basically looks brand new.

Warmth 4 Stars

I have used the Hybridge Lite in temperatures ranging from 0 degrees to 50 degrees (F). What I’ve found is that it’s about average warmth for the price and weight. It dumps heat well and if you layer properly it does its job to perfection. If you’re looking for an extremely warm jacket, this isn’t it. But as a layering piece or a stand-alone for mild weather, it’s great!

Packability 5 Stars

The Hybridge Lite packs up nice and small, very comparable to most high quality down jackets of similar weight. Small enough to toss in any backpack or even a purse.


The Hybridge Lite stuffed into itself. For reference I have small hands.


I typically wear a small in jackets, but I went with a medium, thinking I would layer with it. The bust is unforgiving. So, while this jacket fits well, it’s a little loose everywhere but quite snug up top. However, wearing a small would leave me with a jacket that couldn’t zip past my chest. This is an issue I run into often, as I’m sure many outdoor women do. If you’ve got a full chest, size up.

For men, the sizing is on par if a tiny bit on the small side. It’s a tight fitting cut overall, so know that when buying.


While I like the Hybridge Lite jacket a lot due to its many uses and the exceptional quality, my one true complaint is the very unnecessary thumb holes. They make the sleeves too long and are rather clunky in my opinion. But I’m a thumb hole hater for life.

Final Word

Packable, practical, and tough. The Canada Goose Hybridge Lite down jacket is a staple piece for city life or mountain life. It’s going to hold up to crazy adventures and it’s going to look stylish as hell. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate.

Where to Buy Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jacket

We tested the women’s Canada Goose Hybridge Lite jacket. It’s also available in men’s, and has the same construction. The jacket is available in a hooded women for men and women as well, and as a vest, if you’re into vests.

Canada Goose is not the easiest brand to find in stores, so we recommend shopping online.

Compare Canada Goose Hybridge Lite jacket prices below.

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