Gear Report: KÜHL Deceptr Pants

The KÜHL Deceptr Pants transition from office to trail — or workplace to wilderness — better than most bottoms can. These pants feature office-ready styling and off-the-beaten-path practicality.

I wore these pants from dawn to dusk while I typed away at a local coworking space and a neighborhood cafe, feeling as business casual appropriate as anyone else, and then hiked around my local parks after the workdays were done.

The bottom line is that the KÜHL Deceptr Pants are top-tier do-it-all bottoms. Keep reading to see why.

KÜHL Deceptr Pants crouch

Meet the KÜHL Deceptr Pants.

First Impressions of the KÜHL Deceptr Pants

Considering all that happens during an entire weekday, I was immediately intrigued by how darn stretchy these KÜHL Deceptr Pant are. Sure, stylistically, they blend into a modern office environment quite well, especially in the Badlands Khaki colorway I tested, but traditional khakis and slacks aren’t all that comfortable or practical.

However, the Deceptr Pants are another story. They’re comprised of stretchy TUFFLITE fabric that moves with you, which is great for hiking, but also for the workday.

Kneeling under a work desk to plug in a laptop? Not a problem as knee articulation was built into the design. Big lunch got you feeling bloated? That fabric stretch paired with a rib-knit waistband won’t uncomfortably constrain you. And it’s the same story when being active outdoors.

Plus, TUFFLITE does more than stretch. The nylon, elastane, and polyester blend makes the pants lightweight and durable. What’s more, the fabric has been treated with a water-resistant finish that’ll prevent embarrassing coffee stains and keep you dry during inclement weather.

Finally, these pants have an excellent array of pockets. There are 7 in total, including 2 front, 2 back, a coin pocket, a cellphone pocket, and a hidden zipper pocket within the right back pocket. All hiking pants need at least one zipper pocket — that’s my personal philosophy — so the Deceptr Pants meet the mark.

The Best Part of the KÜHL Deceptr Pants

Simply put, KÜHL thinks of everything. The KÜHL Deceptr Pants are exactly what I want in an all-day pair of pants that can do it all. To me, these bottoms are the definitions of practicality and versatility.

The way the stretch fabric has been incorporated and complemented by the other design choices is my favorite part about these pants. And, really, that’s just what KÜHL does in all of the products the company makes.

See the KÜHL Deceptr Pants

KÜHL Deceptr Pants walking

These pants are it.

What do you think of the KÜHL Deceptr Pants? Have you tested them yourself? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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