Gear Report: Midland ER40 Emergency Crank Radio

Avoid any surprises from Mother Nature with the Midland ER40 Emergency Crank Radio. I tested this radio while camping in Umpqua National Forest with limited service, and it was quite comforting to have access to NOAA Weather alerts throughout the trip.

With the Midland ER40, I was able to listen to some tunes using the AM/FM radio while hanging out at my campsite and check in for any weather alerts as needed. The LCD Backlit display is large, easy to read, and has a low battery indicator. This versatile little radio really packs a punch with all of the additional features outlined below – it will definitely be at the top of my packing list for all of my upcoming adventures.

First Impressions of the Midland ER40 Emergency Crank Radio

Midland’s ER40 Emergency Crank Radio was very easy to use. I was able to charge it up using the USB port before the trip and did not have to worry about it running low on power while out on adventures between the solar panel and hand crank alternate charging options.

The sunny weather provided me with endless power during each day, and the crank was perfect in the evenings if I needed a little bit more. I even used the USB port to recharge my phone each evening, allowing me to take photos and use my trail apps while out exploring each day.

The Best Part of the Midland ER40 Emergency Crank Radio

When nighttime rolled around, the flashlight was extremely handy! The wrist lanyard provided me with a bit of extra security when carrying it around and also with a method for hanging it around the campsite or in my tent. There’s a high and low setting for the light, as well as an SOS Strobe function included for any emergency situations.

Whether it’s preparing for an outdoor adventure or a potential power outage at home, the Midland ER40 Emergency Crank Radio is a super practical item that you’ll never regret having at your side.

See the Midland ER40 Emergency Crank Radio

What do you think of the Midland ER40 Emergency Crank Radio? Have you tested it yourself? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

Courtney Cameron

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