Gear Report: Mission Mountain A4 Ultralight Cot

Whether you want to sleep out under the stars or pitch a tent, Mission Mountain’s A4 Ultralight & Versatile Cot is a must-pack item for all of your overnight adventures.

I took this out with me on multiple camping trips and quickly realized that I much prefer sleeping on a cot over the alternative ground or air mattress options. Getting a good night’s sleep without a rock sticking in your back or a mattress deflating throughout the night can make all the difference – especially when you have a big day of hiking planned for the next day.

First Impressions of the A4 Ultralight & Versatile Cot

The A4 Cot is very quick and easy to assemble, with three sets of legs and two long, foldable poles for the frame. The same can be said for taking it apart, as all of the pieces pack up very nicely back into the drawstring bag. The shoulder strap is also adjustable to ensure it fits comfortably on one shoulder or crossbody.

When packed away, the cot measures 18″ x 5″, which is incredibly compact for a cot. When fully unpacked and put together, the cot measures 75″ x 27.5″ x 7.8″, which is long enough for most sleepers, yet compact enough to fit inside any camping tent and even many backpacking tents.

The Mission Mountain A4 Cot weighs in at 4.4 pounds and has a weight capacity of up to 319 pounds. All in all, it does a lot for being so little.

The Best Part of the A4 Ultralight & Versatile Cot

The pocket on the side of the cot provides a great place to store your phone and portable charger. This is super convenient, no matter whether you’re sleeping in a tent and want to keep things organized or you’re cowboy camping and simply need a way to keep your personal items at hand and safely stored.

The cot also comes with an inflatable pillow that packs into a very small drawstring bag, which allows you to keep your packing light. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of comfort with this cot — it provided just the right amount of support!

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What do you think of Mission Mountain’s A4 Ultralight & Versatile Cot? Have you tested it yourself? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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