Gear Report: Outdoor Vitals Nebo Windbreaker

The Outdoor Vitals Nebo Windbreaker is a versatile layer that will live in my backpack for the rest of time. This no-frills wind jacket has one job to do, and it does it extremely well. Plus, it looks great, too.

I’ve been testing the Nebo Windbreaker while mountain biking and trail running, and it has worked wonders. I imagine I’ll be reaching for this layer time and time again while above the tree line.

outdoor vitals nebo windbreaker

Meet the Nebo Windbreaker. This chest pocket is the perfect size for my phone or a snack.

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing, and having a windbreaker this good in your arsenal is clutch. As someone who tries to spend their entire summer in the alpine stretches of wilderness, this piece will get a ton of use.

See the Outdoor Vitals Nebo Windbreaker

First Impressions of the Outdoor Vitals Nebo Windbreaker

I find that the best pieces of clothing are the ones that you don’t notice are there. The Nebo Windbreaker simply does what it needs to and doesn’t hinder movement in any way.

This jacket layers nicely on top of wool or synthetics. It also has thumb loops, which are a nice touch you won’t often find, even on jackets from popular premium brands. I love the forest green color, by the way — it blends with the landscape nicely, preventing me from looking like a Wilderness Power Ranger, which overly vibrant colors tend to do.

outdoor vitals nebo windbreaker has an athletic fit

Thumb loops + reinforced hem = a solid fit, always.

Right out of the bag, I noticed how soft this jacket felt compared to other windbreakers I own. It doesn’t have that crinkly feel or sound you may be familiar with — great for those of us who prefer to hear the sounds of nature rather than the swish-swish of our own clothing. When wearing this jacket, the material feels great.

The Outdoor Vitals Nebo Windbreaker weighs all of 4 ounces, making it a total no-brainer to keep in your pack for when things get blustery. Blocking out the wind greatly increases your comfort level outdoors; if you’ve ever spent a whole day getting blasted by brisk breezes, then you know the pain. Strong winds can turn an otherwise great day outdoors uncomfortable, and fast.

outdoor vitals makes a great trail running jacket

This jacket has been awesome for trail running and mountain biking.

The Best Part of the Outdoor Vitals Nebo Windbreaker

One word: breathability. I’ve been able to wear this jacket for the duration of my runs and rides without having to take it off or even unzip it.

The breathability of the Nebo Windbreaker truly is top-notch, yet it still blocks the wind. This is a huge selling point for me because I hate to stop to take off layers, and, living in the San Juan Mountains, the weather can change on a dime.

I love a piece of clothing that can adapt. This jacket is built for breathability — I can attest that this thing ventilates exceptionally well, even when running uphill for extended periods.

Also, the hood is shaped well and is neither snug nor loose but a perfect fit, especially over my hat. The hood, combined with the thumb loops, ensures this piece stays in place. I like that it helps to cover up my cheeks as well. Now, maybe I won’t look like I got slapped in the face after a long run in the mountains.

nebo windbreaker is a great running jacket

The Nebo Windbreaker has quickly become my favorite layer for trail running.

See the Outdoor Vitals Nebo Windbreaker

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