Gear Report: Parks Project Acadia Waves Trail High Pile Fleece

I was lucky to test the Parks Project Acadia Waves Trail High Pile Fleece these past few weekends in the high Colorado mountains while camping.

This fleece is a welcome addition to my camping kit for the upcoming colder weather. It is the perfect camp fleece. This Parks Project fleece is comfortable to wear while making breakfast early in the morning when you can still see your breath, while sleeping cozied up in your sleeping bag at night, or while enjoying an after-hike s’more around the campfire.

First Impressions of the Parks Project Acadia Waves Trail High Pile Fleece

The Acadia Waves Trail High Pile Fleece is exceptionally cozy, providing warmth on chilly mornings and cold nights around the fire. It’s like wearing a blanket.

I loved that it came slightly oversized — it made for a comfortable fit over other layers throughout the day. The Acadia Waves Fleece is made from 100% GRS (Global Recycled Standard) Polyester, which keeps it from feeling itchy against bare skin while still being environmentally conscious.

This fleece features two pockets that fit my hands with plenty of room to spare for a phone or other items. It has elastic linings around the wrists and waist to keep it from riding up or slipping down. Plus, I appreciated the snaps on the fleece that allowed for airflow when it got a little too toasty to wear fully.

I also expected it to get dirty pretty quickly with the white and black patterning, but, to my surprise, it didn’t seem to collect much dirt. Even more impressive, after three nights of hanging around the campfire, it didn’t have the smoky smell that other layers often retain

The Best Part of the Parks Project Acadia Waves Trail High Pile Fleece

Besides how cozy the Parks Project Fleece is, my favorite thing about this piece is the brand that stands behind it. The idea behind Parks Project is to leave nature better than it was found. Thanks to Parks Project, so far over 2.5 million has been contributed to nonprofits that work with the parklands across the U.S.

Parks Project focuses on conservation in a variety of ways. Their contributions work to educate future and current park goers through visitor programs and youth initiatives and to help fund habitat and restorations through our public lands. Parks Project also works to get more people outside through volunteer work across the country.

All in all, the fleece is fantastic on its own merit. But what makes it even better is that Parks Project is a company that I’m proud to support.

See the Parks Project Acadia Waves Trail High Pile Fleece

Parks Project Fleece

The perfect camping fleece.

What do you think of the Parks Project Acadia Waves Trail High Pile Fleece? Have you tested it yourself? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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