Gear Test: Kelty Cosmic Down 20

We’re out there in the wilds with the Kelty Cosmic Down 20, putting this sleeping bag to the test.

Highlights of the Kelty Cosmic Down 20

Initial Thoughts on the Kelty Cosmic Down 20

The Kelty Cosmic Down 20 sleeping bag is a staple in many a gear closet. We reviewed a previous version of the Cosmic Down in 2018, giving it high marks. This latest rendition is largely the same, with a few minor quality-of-life changes.

The current Cosmic Down is made a few ounces lighter, but down fill power has been sacrificed, dropping from 600 to 550. This also impacts the comfort temperature rating, raising it from 19 to 21 degrees. However, an internal zippered pocket has been added, which is a convenient addition to any sleeping bag — now you’ve got a secure spot to keep your phone warm while you sleep.

Pros Cons
  • Water-resistant down insulation
  • Down fill power is lower than previous version
  • Extra fluffy hood and draft collar
  • Internal zippered pocket

See the Kelty Cosmic Down 20

What do you think of the Kelty Cosmic Down 20? Have you tested it yourself? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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