Gear Test: KÜHL Renegade Pant

We’re out there on the trail with the KÜHL Renegade Pant, putting these hiking pants to the test.

Highlights of the KÜHL Renegade Pant

Initial Thoughts on the KÜHL Renegade Pant

Lightweight yet full-featured, the KÜHL Renegade Pant is an ideal hiking pant for general adventuring. Barring extreme weather or temperatures, these pants have everything you could want in a hiking bottom They’re comfortably stretchy, which allows you to move as needed out on the trail. Plus, they’re water-resistant, breathable, durable, and protect from the sun, and they have many useful pockets.

Best of all? The KÜHL fit never disappoints. With multiple sizing options to choose from when ordering, your Renegade pants are sure to fit.


Pros Cons
  • Perfect fit thanks to the many customization options during ordering.
  • None. They’re exactly what I want in a hiking pant.
  • Zippered side pocket is clutch when adventure strikes.
  • Stretch and built-in articulation enable you to move without restriction.

See the KUHL Renegade Pant

What do you think of the KÜHL Renegade Pant? Have you tested it yourself? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

Arthur McMahon

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One response to “Gear Test: KÜHL Renegade Pant

  1. bob d.says:

    Love, love, love my KUHL Renegade pants

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