Gear Test: Paka Crew Socks 3/4

We’re out there at camp with the Paka Crew Socks 3/4, putting these adventure socks to the test.

Highlights of the Paka Crew Socks 3/4

Initial Thoughts on these Crew Socks

Once you put these alpaca wool socks on your feet you will never want to take them off. You can tell that PAKA has really worked on making the perfect thin wool sock for every outdoor activity. The socks have arch compression, seamless toe, knit design to keep your socks up (without leaving a mark!) and wicks up that moisture to keep your feet dry and happy.

I love that the products are well thought, designed and made in Peru with a company ethos and vision that we can get behind.

Pros Cons
  • These socks are lightweight but you can feel the padding where it counts
  • The socks are thin so if you are used to a bulkier sock, this isn’t that
  • The alpaca wool is so soft that they are perfect for all seasons
  • Once you try these you will want to replace all of your hiking socks

See the Paka Crew Socks 3/4

What do you think of the Paka Crew Socks 3/4? Have you tested these yourself? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

Amanda Collins

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