Gear Test: Ride1Up Rift Fat Tire All-Terrain E-Bike - First Ride Impressions

We’re out there on forested biking trails and paved pathways with the all-new Ride1Up Rift, putting this fat tire all-terrain ebike to the test.

Ride1Up Rift ebike pose

Meet the Ride1Up Rift Fat Tire E-bike.

Highlights of the Ride1Up Rift E-bike

Ride1Up Rift ebike profile

An e-bike made to tackle the trail.

Initial Thoughts on the Ride1Up Rift E-bike

The Ride1Up Rift is a robust e-bike built for adventure. Visually, the Rift looks like an off-pavement beast and performs like one, too. The stout frame, super-thick Kenda tires, and adjustable 120mm front suspension inspire confidence over uneven terrain.

I tested the Rift on valley and foothill trails, pushing it to its limits straight out the gate, and it didn’t disappoint. With 8 speeds to choose from and a 750w electric motor at my whim, the hills didn’t stand a chance. And those knobby tires provide excellent grip.

Top Pros Top Cons
  • Easy to use mechanical and electrical controls.
  • Handlebar height isn’t adjustable.
  • 5 speeds of pedal assist, plus a throttle for full-out electric power.
  • A passenger can ride along (pro!) but the weight limit is 150 pounds.

Notable Features of the Ride1Up Rift E-bike

While the Rift is meant for adventure, it has plenty of perks that make it fun on pavement. With 5 speeds of pedal assist and an electric throttle at the ready, this burly e-bike can move. It’s rated as a Class II e-bike out of the box, but Class III can be unlocked, reaching tested speed on flat ground up to 28 miles per hour.

Plus, the Rift borrows the passenger-hauling ability of the Cafe Cruiser. A 150-pound companion can ride on the Connect+ Rack with the right accessories. Just make sure you only invite your lightweight friends to join in on the ride.

Some e-bikes come to barebones upon arrival, but the Rift comes stacked with all sorts of extras like an integrated headlight and taillight, front and rear fenders, and the customizable Connect+ Rack. These are quality-of-life inclusions that simply make the ride better.

First Ride Review of the Rift E-Bike

The Rift gives a good first impression. It is a hefty e-bike (we weighed it at 85 pounds), but it can do a lot and do it well. This is an e-bike for adventure enthusiasts who want to tear down forest trails or race across stretches of desert during their weekend excursions. Its heft is a side effect of its sturdy construction and off-pavement abilities.

That said, it’ll do well as a cruiser or commuter, too. It is an e-bike, after all, just one that’s as ready to tackle any terrain you put in its way.

See the Ride1Up Rift E-bike

Ride1Up Rift ebike riding

Riding the Ride1Up Rift. The electric pedal assist sure makes those inclines easy to ascend!

What do you think of the Ride1Up Rift E-bike? Have you tested it yourself? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

Arthur McMahon

Arthur loves to walk. It's as simple as that. He believes walking is the best way to experience the world. Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail was his first backpacking foray, and he hasn't stopped since. Follow his adventures and stories on Instagram. Review Policy: We do not accept payments or gifts from brands and vendors, and strive to provide unbiased, independent advice. Brands typically provide review samples which we return, and in some cases we purchase the item so we can keep using it long after the review.

2 responses to “Gear Test: Ride1Up Rift Fat Tire All-Terrain E-Bike – First Ride Impressions

  1. David Ssays:

    So, you are promoting a Class 3 E-moped that will be on the same trails as pedaled bikes, hikers, and horses? Are you serious?
    I hope everyone who gets one of these has really good insurance. I’m guessing they are going to need it.
    Please take a LNT course and do a rewrite.

    1. Hi David. The trails are for everyone. That said, e-bikes are only allowed on designated trails — the same can be said for horses and mechanical mountain bikes. E-bikes do not generally go any faster than mountain bikes on trails, they just make it easier and more accessible.

      Be safe and be respectful, and let people have fun.

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