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MiiR 27oz Bottle Overview

In the pursuit of leading a sustainable life to preserve precious resources and minimize waste, adopting a reusable water bottle is a simple, effective place to start. When it comes time to choose a trusty water retaining device, you may notice the overwhelming amount of options that are available. You may even start to question at what point does the market become contradictory.

Fret no further, and quench your thirst for answers. We have a water bottle that is engineered by engineers and crafted with compassion. The MiiR 27oz Bottle is made of food-grade stainless steel, has a snazzy lid, and supports Active Giving Projects, a program created by MiiR to give humanitarian aid.

For these reasons (and its stylish looks), we’ve given the MiiR 27oz Bottle our Classic Pick award for the Urban Hiker.

Whet your appetite for more water-related wordplay and read about the versatile MiiR 27oz Bottle below.

MiiR 27oz Bottle Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 6.6 oz. (187 g) Empty This is a below average weight for a stainless steel water bottle.
Volume 27 oz. (798 ml) Twenty-seven ounces is kind of a sweet spot for water consumption. Not quite a full liter, but more than your typical 24 ounces of water.
Body Material Stainless Steel, 18/8 Medical Grade, Hardshell Powder Coat MiiR uses the highest quality stainless steel. This means no odors or unwanted tastes and a very durable product. Their powder coating is nice for gripping.
Mouth Type Narrow The mouth is on the narrow side for easy drinking, but it is large enough to fit all standard ice cubes. Best of both worlds.
Lid Perfect Seal Lid w/ Large Handle Every company has a custom-named lid: MiiR’s is the Perfect Seal. It does seal really well. The large handle is great for carrying and carabiner-ing.
Height 8 in. (20 cm) A tall water bottle.
Base Diameter 2.75 in. (6.9 cm) Thin enough to fit in most car cupholders and water bottle pockets. Coupled with the height it’s a slim bottle that’s easy to grasp.
Mouth Diameter 1.5 in. (3.8 cm) Large enough for ice cubes.
Free Of BPA Stainless steel does not have any BPA in it, and the plastic lid is BPA free as well.
Other Sizes None One size to rule them all.
Manufacturer Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty MiiR offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and workmanship issues. This doesn’t include normal wear and tear, but is great for other things that may go wrong with the water bottle.
Retail Price $19.95 A reasonable price for a durable water bottle that will last a lifetime. And MiiR uses purchases to help fund the Active Giving Project.

Gear Review of the MiiR 27oz Bottle

Revelation: The Moment I Knew

Reusable water bottles are kinda my thing. Water is my favorite element and the thought of using disposable bottles hurts my soul. I have a few Nalgenes, Hydro Flasks, and glass bottles. Nalgenes are the staples in my life, donned in special stickers, and provide me 33 ounces of watery goodness (well, 32 ounces if you stay between the lines).

When my editor presented a new bottle to me, I was a little taken aback. Was I going to be able to adopt a new bottle into my life? Would this bottle suit my watering needs? Will my Nalgene get jealous? But, as soon as he handed me the MiiR 27oz Bottle, I eased up. Its simple yet sturdy design is pleasing right off the bat.


The MiiR 27oz Bottle is certainly pleasing to the eye.

Within minutes the bottle was filled and shoved into my backpack pocket, sitting shotgun for a bike ride around the neighborhood. The unique powder coating of the MiiR 27oz Bottle made it easier to hold as I cruised the streets, sipping water and taking selfies with friends.


The MiiR 27oz Bottle on the town.

Digging Deeper


One twist and done. The designers of the MiiR 27oz Bottle paid careful attention to the overall design, and were probably frustrated with other brands that required too many twists to secure the lid.


The lid has an oversized handle for easy carrying and a rubber seal to keep in liquid. A single twist is all you need.

Beyond the single twist, the MiiR lid (called Perfect Seal) ensures liquid security. A rubber sealant fits securely in the mouth of the bottle and the lid knows how to keep what’s inside, inside.


Durability of a water bottle is a crucial variable in my decision-to-purchase process. In fact, in all decision-to-purchase processes because I’m notoriously clumsy.

The MiiR 27oz Bottle seemed to recognize that in me, and stood the test of my daily adventures. We went on trains, planes, bikes, and automobiles. We hiked, ran, and sat at a desk (still a high risk danger zone). The 18/8 medical grade stainless steel held its form, never denting (at least, not yet), nor faltering when falling from my duffel bag and rolling into strangers at LAX.


Water bottles must be able to travel.

Form Factor

The 27oz Bottle evokes ergonomic design in its ease of use during different adventures. The bottle is extremely easy to carry using the wide plastic lid handle, was easy to grab, and did not feel oversized in my dainty lady hands, which is an added bonus over my beloved Nalgene.


The form factor is sweet.

It also fits into cup holders, backpack pockets, and duffel bags without issue.


Cup holder compatible.


As mentioned, this bottle was engineered, and the engineer was tired of drinking from bottles only to have a little splash back after each sip.


Lid plus MiiR 27oz Bottle on the balcony.

While I attribute this problem to the drinker (I do it all the time), I did notice less splashing from the MiiR 27oz Bottle. Somehow they calculated the angle of the mouthpiece to curb the splishy splashy danger, meaning more water for the mouth and less for the chin and down the chest.


A small mouth size means it’s easy to drink, and splashing is kept to a minimum.


The soft powder coating of the MiiR 27oz Bottle is very appealing and practical, providing grip and reducing bottle sweat. If that doesn’t sound like a grievance, you’re right, it’s not.

But if you like clear and wide bottles, this one is probably not for you. You can’t see what’s inside, there are no measurements on the bottle, and it’s narrow.

Final Word

Every day we make purchases that benefit ourselves in various ways: food, shelter, knick knacks, hobby gear. Now is a good opportunity to reconsider your next water bottle purchase and opt for a brand that gives back. The MiiR 27oz Bottle is a solid, long lasting investment that won’t drown you in buyer’s remorse.

Where to Buy MiiR 27oz Bottle

MiiR only makes one size of the 27oz Bottle, and it’s what we’re recommending. They are a smaller brand and not in many big box outdoor stores (yet), so you’ll find two places to purchase them below.

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  1. Rebecca Bennettsays:

    Can you believe these products are made in China?

    1. Daniel Zweiersays:

      Hi Rebecca,

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Yes, we can believe it. Many products we review and recommend are made overseas, and China tends to be the biggest producer of stainless steel water bottles. While there are tons of associated issues with this, we find that quality of product matters more than origin of country, as long as labor practices are humane.

      MiiR is founded on incredible initiatives that help underdeveloped communities around the world, and they do this through selling water bottles (among other things).

      Feel free to let us know what reusable bottles you love and where they’re made! We’ll throw em into our shortlist for potential review.

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