MiiR MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle Review

MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle Overview

Some like it hot. Some like it cold. Get the best of both worlds with the MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle. Designed with altruism at its core, MiiR is a quality brand that demonstrates the fine intersection of design and functionality. This sleek bottle is an affordable insulated stainless steel option that contends with others in its class. It has a simple, bold lid, keeps your drinks hot and cold (as advertised), and slips neatly into nearly any pack or purse.

Due to the form factor and cost, we’ve awarded the MiiR Vacuum Insulated bottle our Budget Pick for Urban Hikers.

Keep your tea hot while trekking the concrete jungle (or cold when traversing an actual jungle) and read the full MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle review below.

Vacuum Insulated Bottle Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 13 oz. (368 g) (when empty) Fairly lightweight for an insulated stainless steel bottle this size.
Volume 23 oz. (.68 L) A good size for commuting and short hikes.
Body Material Stainless Steel, 18/8 Medical Grade This stainless steel doesn’t retain flavors, is strong, and doesn’t have harmful chemicals.
Insulation Time Hot: 12 hours, Cold: 24 hours We tested this and generally agree with the claims. This is on par with most insulated water bottles made of stainless steel.
Mouth Type Narrow A narrow mouth overall, but it does fit most ice cubes. Best of both worlds.
Lid Perfect Seal Lid The MiiR lid is large, triangular in shape, and easy to grip. It does not leak, thus the name “Perfect Seal.”
Height 11.25 in. (28.6 cm) A tall bottle. The height includes the lid, which is also tall.
Base Diameter 2.75 in. (7 cm) Fairly narrow. Fits in cupholders, backpack pockets, and pretty much anywhere.
Mouth Diameter 1.5 in. (3.8 cm) Just large enough for ice cubes, but small enough to keep spillage to a minimum.
Free Of BPA Stainless steel is naturally free of BPA and other harmful chemicals. The lid is also BPA-free.
Other Sizes None There are no other sizes in this line, but MiIR does offer a Wide Mouth line with three sizes.
Manufacturer Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty MiiR offers a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects on water bottles. This does not include normal wear and tear. Just email them to start a claim.
Retail Price $29.95 Not cheap, but a bit cheaper than other insulated stainless steel bottles out there.

Gear Review of the MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Revelation: The Moment I Knew

My favorite thing about backpacking, hiking, or any kind of nature activity is the absence of manmade structures, capitalistic businesses, and droves of people. Yet there are some comforts that a city provides. When my friends and I hike we joke about wanting hot coffee at the top of a hill, laughing at the idea of a Starbucks on top of a mountain in the wilderness. Bringing a disposable cup on a hike is not practical — for the hike and the overall damage to the environment — so oftentimes, hot liquids are simply not carried on the trail.


The MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle.

On my way to wander Mount Rainier National Park I made a pit stop for some good old-fashioned battery acid courtesy of Starbucks (hey, it is local, I’m in Seattle!). The MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle easily transitioned from being a cup-holder-friendly water bottle to a hand-holding coffee bottle.

Later that day, on the peak under hail, I sipped piping hot coffee. Dreams do come true, I guess.

MiiR 23oz Vacuum Insulated Bottle review video

Drinking hot coffee at the top of the mountain.

Digging Deeper


While on the windy drive to Paradise, I hastily tightened the cap on the lid and tossed it into my passenger seat. As I tuned the radio I had that, “Oh snap!”, moment and reached over to see if the bottle had leaked puddles of dark liquid onto my white seats. It had not. No spills, no leaks, no need to panic.


The Perfect Seal lid (named by MiiR), really does create a perfect seal. This thing does not leak.

The lid, while also being crafted with leak-proof-ness, is a large triangular shape that’s super easy to hold. This makes it easy to transport — dare I say easier to transport than its competitors? I do.


The lid is triangular in shape and refuses to leak. Also great for hanging onto things.


I am a believer in stainless steel because stainless steel is a believer in me. Through many drops, bangs, and crashes, the MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle withstood my torment (a.k.a. butter fingers), and has yet to really falter.


A bottle that can handle a few falls.

I will note that after taking a dive to rough, wet, mossy concrete and rolling down a small hill, the bottle earned a few scrapes and tiny dents (like really tiny).

Form Factor

The MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle is tall and slender, which means it’s an easy bottle to stash in a gym bag, leave in a cup holder, and tote while hiking. The bottle is also lightweight, which, when compared to other insulated stainless bottles, is a big (or light?) deal.

On my hike up to Camp Muir I stashed the bottle in the exterior open-pocket in my day hike pack. It was easily accessible, as well as convenient to carry towards the top of the climb while wearing gloves in the midst of a hail storm.


The lid is easy to use with gloves, and the bottle is grippable no matter what.

Initially, I was not into the shape of the bottle. I’ve always preferred my stainless steel cup — the one that looks like a glorified red party cup — sometimes known as a tumbler. However, after using the MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle in my daily adventures, the form factor grew on me. It is convenient to close the bottle completely, and it eliminates the necessity of straws. And straws are causing a lot of problems.


Hey there, good lookin’.



Tired, cold, and in need of a warm cup of joe.

As I approached roughly 8,200 feet, the skies were obliterated by clouds, hail flew at me from all directions, and I concluded the ascent of my hike. The trail was consumed by snow fields — what’s a girl to do?  I opened up the MiiR bottle, filled with hot Americano, and laughed to myself as I sipped Starbucks, alone and content, in the middle of a hail storm with less than ten feet of visibility

In contrast, while on a visit to Ventura, California the MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle was the perfect iced coffee container. After buying an iced coffee at 5 p.m. (a terrible idea in retrospect), I refrained from finishing my drink because, well, I wanted to sleep that night! The next morning I rediscovered the bottle, which was still filled with iced coffee and clinking ice cubes.

The manufacturer claims 12 hours of hot or 24 hours of cold — I can definitely say that this is possible if under the right scientific circumstances. When the bottle is full and sealed, liquid can stay hot or cold. The full-ness is key. Let’s say you get just two shots of hot espresso and they sit at the bottom alone — they will cool down much faster. When put to the test this bottle performs, but let’s face it, in real life you rarely wait 12 hours to drink your coffee, or 24-plus hours to finish a cold beverage. Every time I wanted my hot or cold liquid hours later, it was ready for me.


The coffee was hot after this, too.


The MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle has definitely been a game-changer for me, and is my go-to choice for hot and cold liquid these days.

My only concern is that the exterior of the bottle, while not changing temperature based on the inside liquid, is freakin’ cold when it is cold out. Like brrr, going to freeze my fingers off, cold. This can be avoided by not touching the bottle directly during the cold temperatures, of course, but having gloves on at all times isn’t very practical.

This makes for an ironic moment of drinking lovely, warm liquids while also freezing off your hands. Note that while some other insulated stainless steel bottles do this, it seems particularly bad on this MiiR bottle.

Final Word

The MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle is my new go-to. It’s capable of keeping things hot, yet also able to maintain the chill. Break up with disposable coffee mugs and plastic water bottles already — get insulated!

Where to Buy MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle

We tested the MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle. There is only one size and kind currently at MiiR, and we like it a lot. MiiR also offers Wide Mouth insulated bottles, and while they work great, we don’t love the sizes offered (12, 20, and 40-ounce).

Compare MiIR Vacuum Insulated Bottle prices below.

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  1. Fantastic, i love this MIIR bottle! Can’t leave home without it! Love the sleek look of the black and keeps my water cold just how I like it!
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  2. The MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottle is by far the best reusable water bottle I’ve ever owned. If you’re anything like me, then you probably use bottled water regularly. My daily routine consisted of heading down to the convenience store and picking up a couple of bottles of Dasani® (or was it Aquafina®?) to get me through the day. The thing is, bottled water isn’t cheap — even if you buy it in bulk. Plus, it’s a waste of plastic that just gets thrown into a landfill somewhere. Sure, there are lots of reusable bottles on the market, but most aren’t practical or convenient enough for daily use.

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