Mizu Mizu V10 Insulated Bottle Review

Mizu V10 Bottle Overview

The Mizu V10 insulated bottle is designed to serve as both a thermos and a water bottle, with a patented sealing cap, and a detachable lid that doubles as a cup you can drink from. This version of the bottle also has a brushed metal finish, which aside from looking classy, conceals scratches better.

Do you remember the promise of the future? Because we’re living it, baby! At least when it comes to water bottles. You can now carry your water in a bottle that uses physics to keep things colder or warmer for way longer than ever before. Once we have universal access to jet-packs, we’ll be all set.

Speaking of the future, let’s talk about those physics, briefly. I know for a fact that this could win you a drink at your next trivia night, and that science is awesome, so listen up. Vacuum insulated water bottles work by keeping your tasty beverage at the center of its own little vacuum chamber. Warm things cannot radiate out through the vacuum via conduction, which is normally why your cheap mug of coffee is hot to the touch. The copper metal interior of the insulated bottle keeps the temperature reflecting back in towards itself, and the cap seals the whole deal by eliminating convection cooling. It also works for cold stuff. Science! Now go win that free beer.

While we love future-forward look and feel, along with smart construction and useful Lid Cup, the Mizu V10 scored less than excellent marks on the insulation front. We think it’s a great pick for the stylish Urban Hiker who wants a huge combination water bottle and thermos, but not for someone who really cares about their liquid staying hot and cold for long periods of time.

Those of you who want a smaller, slimmed-down bottle to take to work or school don’t need to spend more than $35 to make that happen. Brands like Hydro Flask and MiiR have that size covered.

Read below for the full Mizu V10 review — and don’t worry, we’re done with the science part.

MIZU V10 Bottle Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 22 oz. (624 g) (when empty) A heavy bottle. It’s large, has an extra lid, and is built like a thermos, so it makes sense, but you’ll feel this weight, especially when it’s full.
Volume 34 oz. (1 L) This is a large bottle with plenty of hot or cold water for your day.
Body Material 18/8 Medical Grade Stainless Steel High-grade materials are used in this bottle.
Insulation Time Hot: 12 hours, Cold: 24 hours These are the claimed times by Mizu. In our tests the hot was more like 4 hours, and the cold was more like 18. Not stellar, but plenty of insulation for a day’s commute.
Mouth Type Narrow The actual lid is very narrow, which makes it so you won’t spill. However it doesn’t fit ice cubes easily, which could be a problem.
Lid Cap, Lid The Mizu V10 has two lid-like components, and they are terribly named. The “Cap” is the part that screws into the opening and provides the insulation. The “Lid” or “Lid Cup” is the separate drinking vessel that attaches to the bottle.
Height 11 in. (28.3 cm) A very tall bottle.
Base Diameter 3.6 in. (9.2 cm) A wide bottle.
Free Of BPA Stainless steel is naturally free of BPA, and the plastic Cap is also free of it.
Other Sizes None Mizu doesn’t make another version of this size without some other changes, so if you want a thermos style bottle this is it.
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime Warranty Mizu backs all of its stainless steel containers with a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Scratches and dents from dropping or normal use that do not affect the use or safety of the bottle do not qualify for this warranty.
Retail Price $41.95 A high price for a big, thermos-style bottle.

Gear Review of the Mizu V10 Bottle

Revelation: The Moment I Knew

A few weeks back I was completely overwhelmed with deadlines, and decided to do what any reasonable (read: insanely stressed) writer would do: I took myself on a weekend retreat to the little mountain town of Wrightwood, CA. The plan was to park myself at a coffee shop and get my work done. Unfortunately for me, the coffee shop was playing the new Miley Cyrus album at full blast, forcing me to take my coffee and little remaining sanity back up to my campground overlooking the city.


The Mizu V10 in three pieces.

There I was, sipping my coffee in peace. I didn’t sip it directly from the V10, but the included screw-off cup that doubles as a second lid. The bottle kept the large remainder of my sweet caffeinated nectar at a perfectly hot temperature, and I could refill the separate cup in four ounce intervals. A highly functional thermos, essentially.

Digging Deeper


Try this branding on for size — Mizu: All Vacuum Insulated Everything! Good, right?

Yeah, I’ll workshop that line into gold soon. While my foray as a future creative director on Mad Men may be in doubt, the insulated parts of this bottle certainly aren’t. There’s the main insulation, which is expected from such a large steel object. But the Lid Cup on the V10 is insulated like the rest of the bottle to keep your drinks hotter and colder for longer. This bottle also has the vacuum-sealed stopper that screws directly into the bottle, which Mizu calls the “Cap” on this bottle.


The “Cap”, which creates the vacuum seal on the Mizu V10.

I particularly enjoyed the Lid Cup feature because with 34 ounces of holding capacity, it was more likely that I’d use this bottle as a thermos than as a standard water bottle. Not having to carry an extra cup was a nice bonus, and having that cup be insulated went above and beyond.


The Lid Cup has words in the bottom so that when you drink you’re stoked. And it keeps your coffee warm!


To be honest, I couldn’t think of the onomatopoeia that would accurately describe my frustration at the durability of vacuum insulated water bottles.

The problem with a vacuum is that it’s hollow (duh), and these bottles have vacuums that are surrounded by very thin metal walls, which dent and ding pretty easily. I literally dropped this bottle once and it will forever have a dent in the lid.


One drop equalled one dent. Be careful.

It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s worth knowing that these bottles do better if they’re not dropped from the roof of your Subaru while trying to take your groceries into the house in one trip. Other brands bottle’s are more durable, but they all suffer from this construction.

Form Factor

The Mizu V10 looks like it’s from the future: sleek, with nice orange detailing, and a thin rope handle for toting the bottle around with you. While the bottle is too big to fit into any car cup holder or bike water bottle holder that I have, it fits nicely in a backpack pocket, and its lid seals securely enough that I felt confident tossing it horizontally in the bottom of my messenger bag.


The Mizu V10 is a large bottle. Not the easiest to grip with a single hand, and very future-esque. Note the small mouth, which is great for direct drinking, but not ice-cube stuffing.

The only problem I found was that the opening of the bottle isn’t big enough to accommodate the standard ice cube from my freezer without sort of mashing them in there with the palm of your hand. While the rest of the bottle is living in 3017, getting ice cubes in the top feels like a process from 1917.


While sitting atop a chilly hill outside of Wrightwood, CA I was pleased to discover that the V10 kept my coffee hot for at least as long as it took me to drink it. In general, the bottle will keep drinks hot for 4 hours, and warm for another 6 after that. While that’s nice, it’s not the best insulation on the market by any means.

Cold beverages? Well, that’s where this puppy really excels! The Mizu V10 kept ice from melting for 15-plus hours as it sat on my counter overnight. The Mizu website claims that it will keep beverages cool for close to a full day, which is overshooting it a bit.


Ice-cold water was a plus after climbing.

While this bottle certainly insulates, in my tests it gets nowhere near the power of a bottle like the Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic. That said, most urban hiking excursions only need hot or cold water for a day before they’re home again. To each their own.


As I mentioned previously, the V10 is not to be mistaken for your rough and ready Nalgene. It dents and dings somewhat easily, and if you dent it too severely it’ll lose vacuum insulation entirely. That’s true of a lot of vacuum insulated bottles, so Mizu is not solely at fault.

However, assuming you’re the sort of rational adult who takes their groceries inside in multiple trips, I can’t imagine why this bottle wouldn’t last many years. The bottle is made of 18/8 stainless steel which means it’s corrosion resistant, and the brushed metal outer won’t fall prey to paint chipping or scratching that’s more common with other insulated bottles of this nature.

Final Word

The Mizu V10 mixes space-age vacuum insulation technology with an equally future-forward design for a bottle that looks like it’s straight from The Jetsons. It will keep your beverages cool for at least as long as it would take you to watch the first six Star Wars films, and hot for a typical commute.

Where to Buy Mizu V10 Bottle

We tested the Mizu V10 bottle in brushed steel. It’s offered in other colors, but the construction is the same. Mizu doesn’t make any other sizes of the V10 exactly like this, so it’s unique.

Compare Mizu V10 prices below.

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  1. Tomsays:

    I’ve had the smaller v9 for a while but since my new job has me traveling I been using that more now. It’s nice cause it fits in a cup holder but is pretty tall so I stick it in the passenger cup holder usually. I did notice it kept ice when half full for 24 hours as advertised but it was kept in a climate of 60 degrees. So far I like it since I started using it.

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