The North Face Campshire Review

The North Face Campshire Overview

Soft, cuddly, and functional — what more does a person need from a fleece jacket?

Constructed from 330-weight Sherpa fleece, The North Face Campshire hoodie is a sturdy fleece that’s highly capable of sustaining warmth and enabling lazy days, indoors and out. With a two-pocket kangaroo pouch, hem cinches, a quarter zip, and a spacious hood, The North Face made sure that the “lounge life” Campshire is functional, practical and most of all, comfortable.

This jacket got the nod of approval from friends, airport security, a random grandma, a few cats, and — most importantly — myself.

The North Face Campshire Star Rating
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Warmth
  • Style
  • Breathability


The North Face Campshire hoodie is an oversized-fleece indulgence, a laid back jacket with thoughtful kangaroo pockets with super thick threads that make it a unique, practical piece.

While we love the coziness of the Campshire, it has narrowly missed one of our Picks. We find The North Face Denali 2 to be nearly as warm, comfy, and more practical for camping and walking around town. It’s also more stylish, and has wind blocking material. That said, if you’re a sherpa-fleece lover, or need that kangaroo pocket, the Campshire may be a better bet for you!

Cuddle up with The North Face Campshire review below, and see where it ranks on our Best Fleece Jacket guide.

The North Face Campshire Hoodie Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 16.9 oz (480 g) Fairly heavy for a fleece. The whole point of the Campshire is to be heavy, lazy, and warm, so no surprise there.
Fabric Weight 330-Weight About the heaviest weight fleece used in consumer jackets. More on fleece fabric weight in our Guide.
Fabric Material High Pile Sherpa Fleece The Campshire uses High Pile Sherpa fleece, which is known for its extreme coziness and soft touch. More on fleece material in our Guide.
Fit Oversized The Campshire is built to be oversized on purpose. It’s a lounge-around hoodie so expect it to hang loose.
Number of Pockets 2 There is a full kangaroo pocket for your hands/arms/items, and then a small Velcro pocket on the top of the kangaroo pocket for small items. Quite good design.
Thumb Holes No This is not a performance fleece.
Jacket Option No The North Face only offers this in a hoodie (or a vest!).
Zipper 1/4 Zip The Campshire Hoodie comes as a quarter zip, which means it’ll almost always be warm, and you have to pull it on over the head.
Adjustable Waist Yes There are hem cinches for locking in the warmth.
Gender(s) All We tested the women’s, and there are no major differences besides fit.
Sizes Available Men: S-XXL, Women: XS-XXL Plenty of sizes in the women’s model, but not an extra small in men’s.
Manufacturer Warranty Limited Lifetime The North Face has a solid limited lifetime warranty. If any of the pieces break, like the zipper or the velcro, send it in.
Retail Price $149 A high price for a heavy-duty fleece. If comfort around the house, the city, or camp is your primary goal, the Campshire will do the job.

Gear Review of the The North Face Campshire

Revelation: The Moment I Knew

My initial reaction to The North Face Campshire hoodie was not a good one: it’s beige (not my color), bulky (not necessarily my style), and seemed to serve little purpose that could justify the cost (just lazing around!). Now, after months of use, my dramatic reaction has become rife with guilt — I have been living in the Campshire hoodie almost every damn day!


It’s best to become one with The North Face Campshire Hoodie.

This winter was a doozy. Seattle, my home away from home, endured a Snowpocalypse and when I tried to escape to my actual homeland of California, it was cold and rainy there, too, so I hibernated. Since I work from home, it was easy to rock the Campshire while snowed in, from morning to night. Between you and me, there were a few days that I only removed the jacket to shower. I like to think the Campshire helped me cut down on the heating bill.

The moment I knew, however, was when my friends teased me, saying I looked like fat kangaroo, and I did not care. Not even one bit — because I knew (and so did they), that the Campshire is the ultimate cozy fleece jacket of our dreams.


Staying toasty in The North Face Campshire Hoodie.

Digging Deeper

Comfort – 5 Stars

Five stars, hands down. Don’t question my judgement. The loose fit somehow doesn’t feel bulky and is ideal for days around the house, travelling from one chilly destination to another (doubles as a plane pillow), and for errand runs around town.


Super comfy.

Durability – 3.5 Stars

The Campshire may not be intended for rough adventures, but it’s made by a company that knows its customers prefer items that can withstand unplanned adventures. This jacket is built well and with high quality materials, but the fleece has started to matt in high-friction areas, like the bottoms of the sleeves near the wrists. The velcro on the top pouch may not last the lifetime of the jacket, either, though this is something TNF should repair with the warranty.


After months of use and many washes the Sherpa fleece has begun to mat a bit.

Warmth – 5 Stars

The Campshire hoodie is warm and snuggly, unlike some other fleeces on the market that are thinner and more agile (you win some you lose some). Zipping up the zipper creates incredible retained warmth and the Campshire is also capable of repelling non-dramatic amounts of water and wind.

While wandering in windy, chilly, rainy conditions I layered a windbreaker on top and it was a luxurious experience, despite being pelted in the face by water droplets.


The Campshire plus a rain jacket or wind breaker will insulate you in extremely cold and wet city climates.

Style – 4 Stars

The Campshire may not make its way down the catwalk at Fashion Week in Paris (perhaps at Outdoor Retailer though…), but who cares when you have functional pockets?!


The kangaroo pocket on the Campshire Hoodie.

Pro tip: stash papers (or other can’t-lose items) in the velcro pouch so you can access your phone in the zippered pocket without accidentally yanking out and losing the papers. I had to run across SFO while wearing the Campshire (and 20 pounds of stuff) and it held all travel docs.


This little stash pocket above the kangaroo pocket is surprisingly useful.

Breathability – 3 Stars

I  mentioned it above, but I had to run almost a mile across SFO to catch someone boarding a plane and I was lugging twenty pounds of stuff. Long story short, I sweated like an animal and had to remove the jacket and flip it inside-out to air dry because it was immediately uncomfortable. This hoodie is not very breathable and I do not recommend wearing it during sweaty cardio.


Good for light hikes, but not for running.


The Campshire is a relaxed fit, making it a great topper to a few layers underneath. With a reasonable arm length that has nice scrunchy hems on the sleeves it is practical to wear while doing “the things”. The hood is spacious and when pulled over your head it feels snuggly and stays put. There are cords on the bottom hem that can be tightened as well to create a different look and retain more warmth.


Aside from the less-than-sexy aesthetic, the fleece is starting to look flattened in some areas. This is pretty typical for fleeces, so take that with a grain of salt and wash it on delicate and let it air dry to preserve your cuddly kangaroo suit.

Final Word

The North Face Campshire jacket is a creature comfort and a guilty pleasure, a true enabler of lazy days.

Where to Buy The North Face Campshire

We tested the Women’s version of The North Face Campshire Hoodie in a size medium. The Campshire is the exact same in the men’s, except for fit.

At the time of writing this review The North Face doesn’t offer this Hoodie in a non-hooded version, probably because those who want a super cozy jacket usually want a hood. But they release product variations often, so a jacket-version may be available soon.

They also offer the Campshire Vest, which is a great product, but quite different.

Compare The North Face Campshire Hoodie prices below.

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