Outdoor Research Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody Review 2019

Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody Overview

With robust construction and hearty materials, a multitude of pockets, and the capability of turning into a personal pillow, the Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody is a beast of a down jacket.

Warmth, wind resistance, and outstanding functionality makes the Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody our Budget Pick for the Wilderness Backpacker.

Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody Star Rating
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Warmth
  • Packability


The Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody is a workhorse of a down jacket. Heavier, a bit bulkier, and made of tougher material than your typical lightweight down jacket, the Transcendent exudes functional comfort. The zippers are well-made, including the stealthy chest pocket zipper that almost disappears it’s so innocuous. The jacket has a soft and luxurious sleeping bag texture on the inside, and one pocket has a micro-fiber lining for use as a pillow.

The weight and warmth won’t totally stun you, but the Transcendent Hoody will last longer than most, and has a number of features that make it extremely useful.

Now, before you balk, we know that roughly $225 for a jacket may not feel like a “budget” option. There are cheaper down jackets on the market, like the much less expensive REI Co-Op Down Hoody, which we recommend for other Backpacker Types. However, for Wilderness Backpacking we believe a durable, warm, multi-functional layer is more important than extreme savings. The quality of the Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody for the price, which is quite a bit less than other down jackets on the market, makes it a solid choice.

Read the full Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody review below, and check out our comprehensive guide to down jackets to learn more about this cozy, feather-filled layer.

Update: We reviewed this jacket in 2016. It is a staple for Outdoor Research, and has not changed in construction or material. There are new colors every year.

Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 16 oz. (453 g) Heavier than other down jackets we highlight due to burly material and lower fill power.
Insulation Quality 650-Fill Down On the lower spectrum of down fill for high-end down jackets. Less fill power means less overall warmth for weight.
Insulation Type Goose Down, Responsible Down Standard Certified No unnecessary harm to the geese.
Fill Weight Not Listed Outdoor Research hasn’t listed the fill weight of this jacket.
Shell Fabric

100% polyester 20D ripstop shell

100% nylon 44D embossed taffeta lining

Burly outer material and rugged lining. Very sturdy coat in the field of down jackets.
DWR Treatment Yes Standard treatment on exterior of jacket.
Number of Pockets 5 Two zippered hand-warmer pockets, one stealth chest pocket, and two nice drop-in internal pockets. You can store stuff in this thing.
Stuffs Into Itself Yes Stuffs into hand-warmer pocket, which has a fleece lining for warm hands and cozy pillows. There’s a key loop for easy storage too!
Hood/Jacket Option Yes Available as a hoody or a sweater.
Adjustable Hood Yes Three independent toggles in hood. One on the back, two on either side of your face. Kick that wind out.
Adjustable Waist Yes Two independent toggles for the waist. Get tight.
Gender Men’s, Women’s The Transcendent is the Men’s version, the Aria is the women’s. Similar, though not exactly the same.
Sizes Available S-XXL Mostly sizes for all, except for the very small.
Manufacturer Warranty Infinite Guarantee Lifetime warranty on all products no matter what. Yeah.
Retail Cost $225.00 Just barely budget (for down jackets) for an amazing piece of kit.

Gear Review of the Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody

Origins: Easing You In

I set up camp just beyond pine and oak woods in an open plain of the Angeles National Forest, a spot I frequent often due to my proximity to the city. As the distant glow of Los Angeles beamed between two peaks, I threw on the Transcendent Hoody. The sun had begun to fall; its light dipped through the lowland shrub and as it left the cold came.


I was excited to see how the Transcendent Hoody would fare in near-freezing conditions.

You know that feeling you get when you’re setting up camp and all of a sudden that cold front of wind hits? Well, that happened, and it didn’t look like it would let up for the night.

Luckily for me, the Transcendence Hoody was on before the menacing front slapped me in the face. I tightened each adjustable hem: there are two on the waist and three in the hood.

The waist hem pulled, toggled, and stuck comfortably. I tightened it rather forcefully (so it was on too tight) to see if it would remain lodged and it did. Solid.

I pulled the three (yes, three!) adjustable points on the hood to keep it as close to my face as possible, keeping the cold front from creeping in and ruining my solo backcountry party.


Well made, low profile hood adjustments keep out wind.

It’s always nice having options, and the adjustable hems on the Transcendent Hoody are clearly made to work for many future endeavors. This was important, considering the temperature had dropped 10-12 degrees as night came on. I needed to stay warm and I had concrete evidence that the Transcendent Hoody could perform.


California light is deceiving. It’s freezing.

Revelation: The Moment I Knew

There were two moments, one of which is basically outlined above. I could not tell how much the wind had picked up until I removed the Transcendent Hoody, but when I did the wind hit me like a ton of bricks. I threw the jacket back on and lo and behold…no wind.

The Transcendent doubles as a windbreaker! A really wonderful amenity considering that cold and wind can be a forceful pair to defend yourself from, and one that down jackets don’t always protect against.

The second moment: It was time to retreat into my tent for the evening and sleep. I took off the Transcendent Hoody and used the right fleece-lined pocket to compact the jacket into a decent pillow. Yeah, a fleece-lined pillow.


Multi-functionality at its best.

Let it be known that I, though not too picky with many things, am very picky with pillows. Pillows have to be just right or I hate them. Basically, I am the Goldilocks of pillows.

The Transcendent Hoody surprised me as to just how comfortable it could be as a pillow. It wasn’t rock hard like I assumed it would be (considering the cold), and after careful redistribution it rounded out fairly easily, like a pillow should.

I slept like a baby. Though, I never understood that saying because all the babies I know sleep horribly and cry and piss their diapers throughout the night. I (fortunately) did none of that, so I will retract my statement and instead say that I slept like a healthy, functional adult.

Digging Deeper

I’ve already described the adjustable points on the jacket for warmth saving, but I have to do it one more time. There are five adjustments on this coat, which is more than any other down jacket we recommend, and more than most have. It allows a super custom fit in the right places to stay warm.

Next up: If you’re a pocket person, it’s time to get stoked.

There are two enormous drop-in internal pockets that take up the bottom half of the inside of the jacket. There’s enough room in each for a Chihuahua. (Though I wouldn’t recommend testing that out — just believe me on this one.)


The drop-in pockets are huge and well made.

Then there’s the zippered fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets on each side of the Transcendent Hoody. These were like two cozy sanctuaries for my freezing fingers all night.

Finally there’s a hidden pocket about chest level on the left side where the “OR” logo is. It’s spacious for a low-profile chest pocket and perfect for anything needed in a rush: a lighter, keys, bandana, etc.


Super stealth chest pocket.

Comfort 4.5 Stars

The Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody, with its bulky material and weight, made me feel like an Iditarod husky: happily insulated and ready to take on what’s ahead of me. Although I’m glad I’m not really a husky… I’d miss chocolate way too much.

Durability 5 Stars

This hoody feels less like a jacket and more like an impenetrable wall to keep out the wind. If I was a member of the Night’s Watch I would be wearing this jacket to protect myself from Whitewalkers. (Well, under some actual armor, too).

Warmth 4 Stars

The Transcendent Hoody is warm enough to wear in sub-freezing temperatures, but just barely. It doesn’t scream loft or insane warmth, but does exactly the job a solid quality down jacket should. The comfy hood packs in the warmth to keep the noggin warm.

Packability 3 Stars

While this down jacket won an award, it didn’t win one for packability. Perhaps the least appealing aspect of the Transcendent is its weight and lack of stuff-ability. The fabric is thick, and the jacket is more than a few ounces heavier than competitors. However, if you line the bottom of your pack with the jacket it doesn’t matter much in the end.


The Transcendent Hoody is billed as a “standard” fit. Well, it felt like a standard fit — as in, not exceptional. It wasn’t terrible, and remains comfortable, but was larger than I’m used to, especially in the torso. I’m 6-foot, 165 pounds, and tested the Men’s medium for reference.


I would also be the slickest looking of the Night’s Watch crew, as this hoody is sporty and stylish. I feel like I should constantly be wearing aviator sunglasses with this jacket on.


Aviators for the win.


As well as the down jacket performed, there are a couple questionable things, and it’s likely why the Transcendent Hoody doesn’t cost as much as other jackets.

At 16 ounces (for a Men’s Medium), the Outdoor Research Transcendent hoody is on the heavy side as far as down jackets like these go. This is due to its 650-fill power down and rather bulky material.

If you’re planning on packing as humanly light as possible, you might want to go with another down jacket, like the Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hoody. I know 16 ounces (one pound) doesn’t seem like a lot of added weight, but when you throw everything else you need in your pack, you’re going to want that little weight back.

Final Word

The Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody is functional, stylish, loaded with pockets and hem adjustments, and strong enough to last a lifetime in the cold and wind. Whether you’re in the backwoods under a chilly mountain or in more brutal conditions, take the Outdoor Research Transcendent along for the ride.

Where to Buy Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody

The Transcendent Hoody is the Men’s version of this jacket, and what we tested. The Transcendent is also offered in a Sweater version, which is the same jacket without a hood.

The Women’s version is called the Aria Hoody and is very similar. The fill power, materials, and overall construction is like the Transcendent, but the baffle styling is quite different. Also, there is no stealth chest pocket and it doesn’t stuff into its own pocket, but comes with a separate stuff sack. Also, the Aria Hoody costs $10 more. The Aria is not offered in a Sweater, but a larger parka or vest.

Compare Outdoor Research Transcendent and Aria hoodies and sweater prices below.

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