Aventon Launches Next Generation Pace 500 and 350 E-Bikes

Both the Aventon Pace 500 and Pace 350 have been the go-to options when people consider commuter electronic bikes.

But now there are next-generation models for these Aventon e-bikes that have arrived. Each with upgraded performance specs and new designs that are sure to turn heads as you roll them down your commute.

The Next-Gen Pace 500 e-bike is an upgrade to its award-winning predecessor and still offers the best in terms of comfort and performance.

Pace 500 Next-Gen

This new Pace 500 features an 8-speed trigger shifter, hydraulic disc brakes, a bigger 48V 12.8Ah battery, and a 3A charger with better output. On pedal assist level 5, the 500W rear hub motor propels the e-bike to a top speed of 28 mph.

The Aventon Pace 500 is priced at $1,699 and comes in two frame sizes and four different colors.

Meanwhile, the Next-Gen Pace 350 has raised the bar for e-bikes by combining comfort, power, and affordability.

Pace 350 Next-Gen

This e-bike has a 7-speed trigger shifter, mechanical disc brakes, a 350W rear hub motor, and a peak speed of 20 mph with throttle and pedal assist.

The Aventon Pace 350 is also available in four distinct colors and two frame sizes. The latest model is priced at $1,399.

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Images courtesy of Aventon

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