Backpacking Food: How to Make Biscuits and Gravy

How to Make Biscuits & Gravy

Looking for a hearty way to start your day on the trail? Don’t want to pack oatmeal for breakfast…AGAIN.  Look no further than this fast, easy, and tasty biscuits and gravy recipe.  B&G is a classic packaged meal option, but for me, it falls flat on flavor and consistency.  This recipe uses some store/diner-bought biscuits at its base, then layers on some packable plant-based protein and easy-to-pack dry ingredients. Coming together for a breakfast bowl that fuels you through any tough day.

Watch Chef Corso Cook Biscuits & Gravy

Find out if I can make a better recipe than a packaged meal – Biscuits & Gravy. All in 15 min, with only a few packable ingredients.

Backpacking Food Full Ingredient List

Biscuits and gravy may be an old classic, but you’ll never know until you give this recipe a try!

Where to Get Hiking Food and Backpacking Food

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