Backpacking Food: How to Make Veggie Mixto

How to Make Veggie Mixto

I know you all probably have a backpacking trip planned for this Summer. And it’s exciting to get out into the bushes, hike for miles and find that perfect vista by a river or lake. But I also know that you have to get there, sometimes with a long drive that takes hours or days. I’ve been on the road for the last year and a half and one thing I’ve figured out is that you can’t eat fast food or eat at a restaurant for every road trip meal. What I like to do is make a Veggie Mixto or Mixed Bag. Whip out the camp pot at the rest stop, parking lot, or trailhead and cook up a fast, tasty and nutritious meal in just a few minutes. There’s not really a rigid recipe for this meal but I like to find 2-4 veggies, a little oil, some seasoning, maybe a little cheese, and slap it all in a toasted tortilla.

Watch Chef Corso Cook Veggie Mixto

Headed out on the road this Spring/Summer? Whip up this fast, easy, cheap, and tasty lunch in just a few minutes.

Backpacking Food Full Ingredient List

The great thing about these ingredients is that they work together and they’re simple to prepare.

Where to Get Hiking Food and Backpacking Food

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