Backpacking Food: The Best Spices To Pack for Hiking and Backpacking

The Best Spices to Pack for Hiking

I get a lot of questions about the best lightweight, flavorful ingredients to pack and, ultimately, what makes it into my backpack for elevated meals on the trail.  I put together this video to help showcase the pantry of items that are available as well as easy ways to pack them up.  For me, I always pack the staples; oil, salt, vinegar/citrus, and something spicy.  Then I add on a few different single spices like garlic powder or ginger powder or spice mixes like Italian seasoning or chili powder. 

Your specific meal plan will dictate what you pack.  But by adding just a few spices or sauces, you can really jazz up your bowls with minimal weight and volume.  I suggest finding your spices/mixes at a local/online spice shop as they will be the freshest and more flavorful than the grocery store-bought options.

Watch Chef Corso Showcase The Best Spices To Pack

Come along as we did into the pantry to find the best spices to pack along for many styles of trips.

Where to Get Hiking Food and Backpacking Food

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