Bushka's Kitchen Carnivore Meals: Hearty Food for the Backcountry

Bushka’s Kitchen has created a line of hearty freeze-dried Carnivore meals that are packed with protein and unbelievably filling. A warm trailside meal after a hard day of hiking is revitalizing, and that’s doubly so when the food is both delicious and substantial.

Bushka's Kitchen Backpack

Freeze-dried meals destined for adventure.

The Bushka’s Kitchen Carnivore line consists of three backpacking meals that are loaded with venison, bison, and wild boar. They’re each among the brand’s best-selling meals, and for good reason—they have the flavor, nutrition, and substance a hungry hiker needs to fuel themselves for the miles ahead.

Bushka's Kitchen Carnivore Line

The Carnivore line: Hunter’s Pie, Unstuffed Pepper, and Hearty Harvest

And to ensure that the quality of each of these meals is top-notch, Bushka’s Kitchen remains involved in every step of the process. The game meat and all other ingredients are sourced from local family farms and ranches where everything is then sent to Bushka’s Kitchen to get cooked, seasoned, freeze-dried, and packaged for delivery to your doorstep.

See Bushka’s Kitchen Freeze-Dried Backpacking Meals

Unique Features of Bushka’s Kitchen Freeze-Dried Meals

The term “nutritionally-balanced meal” isn’t usually part of a hiker’s vocabulary. Whether you’re pitching your tent at a roadside campground or beneath a remote copse of alpine trees beneath a starlit sky, your fireside diet is likely to be, shall we say, lacking in nutrients—a distant echo of what a balanced and healthy meal should look like.

Bushka's Kitchen Hearty Harvest

Meat and veggies—Mmm! You couldn’t ask for any better out on the trail.

Bushka’s Kitchen is looking to change that. The company was created by adventure seekers, and they were all too aware of the poor quality food that most campers and backpackers have accepted as the norm for far too long.

By crafting an array of gourmet, yet affordable freeze-dried meals, Bushka’s Kitchen has made it easy to make the switch to better tasting, more filling, and more nutritious backcountry food.

Bushka's Kitchen Cook

Heat some water and pour it into the bag—that’s all it takes. If only cooking satisfying meals at home was so simple.

The Carnivore Line of Meals

While Bushka’s Kitchen does offer multiple plant-based meals, we’re especially excited about the Carnivore line which includes Hunter’s Pie with Ground Venison, Unstuffed Pepper with Ground Bison, and the Hearty Harvest Bowl with Wild Boar.

Cooking Bushka's Kitchen

A 3-minute soak and we’re good to go!

Meat eaters rejoice—these Carnivore meals hit the spot. Featuring large hunks of ground meat, each of these hefty dinners has as much muscle-rejuvenating protein as a protein shake with anywhere from 19 to 33 grams in each meal.

Bushka's Unstuffed Pepper

Before the soak: Look at those huge hunks of bison!

That’s not to say that they’ll weigh you down, because the Carnivore line also features plentiful vegetables, grains, and aromatic herbs to fill you up without leaving you feeling stuffed like a turkey.

Hitting the scales at around 4 ounces each, even the ultralight crowd will want to dig into these Carnivore meals. They’re as good as home-cooked food after soaking in hot water for a few minutes (if not better), but, if you prefer to travel stoveless, you can rehydrate the meals with cold water as well.

See Bushka’s Kitchen Freeze-Dried Backpacking Meals

Who is Bushka’s Kitchen?

Bushka’s Kitchen is an outdoor food company intent on fueling your outdoor excursions with the best freeze-dried meals possible. The brand owns the entire process from farm to table, and they never compromise on quality.

Bushka's Kitchen Unstuffed Pepper Cooked

The unstuffed pepper meal is better than the stuffed peppers I make at home.

See the Bushka’s Kitchen Carnivore Meals, and learn more about Bushka’s Kitchen.

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  1. […] previously featured the carnivore line of meals, which includes the Hunter’s Pie we’re showing here. These substantial meals are tasty […]

  2. Vegetables and Grains? guess you guys don’t know what carnivore means lol Meat only

    1. Moniquesays:

      @Brett, spot on. I had the exact same thought.
      BUSHKA kitchen, please consider making a meat only meal for backpackers and you”ll have a new audience of consumers!

    2. Monkssays:

      That’s what I was thinking! When are grains and veggies part of a carnivore diet?!

  3. Georgesays:

    Yep, they’re correct, don’t think you understand what a carnivore meal is. Our bodies burn fat as our primary fuel source not carbs.

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