CamelBak Introduces Redesigned MULE Backpacks

CamelBak has released a vast array of new outdoor products including redesigned and reinvented MULE backpacks for 2022.

The MULE 12 has been optimized with modifications to improve sustainability and durability – from the ventilated back panel, helmet carry clips, and removable waist belt to the front overflow pocket and magnetic tube clip.

Plus, these hydration packs are now made with recycled materials, safer chemicals, and reduced resources.

The Women’s MULE 12 is identical in size and features to the men’s pack but with a smaller capacity and hydration profile to meet the needs of women adventurers.

Adjustable chest and waist straps allow for the perfect positioning of the pack around a woman’s bust and hips.

Meanwhile, the MULE EVO 12 is the perfect fit for hardcore MTBs with all new Includes all-new features like waterproof 210D nylon and welded seams, plus shoulder strap pockets for easy access to essentials.

The MULE Pro 14 reinvents the ultimate hydration pack by offering 14 liters of total capacity including a 3-liter reservoir, making it great for all-day adventures.

For little bikers and hikers, the mini MULE features a light and compact design built exclusively for kids. This also includes zippered pockets with room for water and snacks.

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