Freshly Published: Two New Pocket Outdoor Cookbooks by Chef Corso

Imagine this: You’ve just made it to camp after a long day of hiking and you’re starving. A few miles back, you passed a campground with a family and their full-on camp kitchen complete with a propane grill, cooler, knife block, and…was that a food processor too!? Whatever they’re cooking smelled incredible — kind of makes you wish you put a bit more thought into your meal plan.

Chef Corso of Outdoor Eats aims to change things up for those who are mindful of pack weight and volume. He’s all about getting people stoked about cooking outdoors by providing delicious and easy-to-make recipes — which is exactly what you’ll discover in his two new pocket outdoor cookbooks: Trail Meals Riverbend Edition & Plant Based Trail Meals: Terra Edition.

Trail Meals by Chef Corso

Each outdoor cookbook contains an assortment of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes.

The recipes within Chef Corso’s pocket cookbooks mark a welcomed and delicious departure from traditional trail food (say see-ya! to prepackaged, dehydrated powders with insane amounts of sodium). Corso’s meals feature fresh ingredients and are made to work with smaller backpacking and camping stoves so you can make these dishes just about anywhere you happen to wander. And since they’re so portable, you can easily fit them in your camping or backpacking kit.


Pad thai — one of many tasty trail recipes you’ll discover in these books!

So, grab a lightweight stove, basic utensils, and some tasty ingredients — then you’ll be set to make everything in these pocket cookbooks. The Trail Meals cookbooks are available in portable print and smartphone-formatted ebook editions.

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Outdoor Eats Pocket Cookbooks: Two New Editions

Chef Corso of Outdoor Eats was extremely thoughtful with everything that went into these pocket cookbooks. This outdoor chef has established himself as an outdoor cooking expert with his previously published Trail Meals books, and now Chef Corso is expanding his recipe list in two brand new cookbook editions.

chef corso of outdoor eats aims to get you outside to cook

Meet your next pocket outdoor cookbook!

Inside each, you will find deliciously detailed recipes with weights and measurements for every ingredient. Outdoor Eats wants to get more people cooking meals outside, and with these pocket cookbooks, it can’t get any easier.

Trail Meals: Riverbend Edition

Seasoned campers and newcomers alike can learn a lot from this pocket cookbook. Within its pages, there are fresh new ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for out on the trail, in camp, or on the road.

Chef Corso has included some seriously awesome and accessible recipes, such as the tantalizing Frito Pie! All of the dishes in this book have ingredients that can be easily sourced from a local grocery store or even a gas station. Chef Corso’s attention to detail is really impressive here. Under the ingredients list, you may find certain items have an asterisk next to them. This denotes items that may be difficult to find. So, if you’re making one of those recipes it’s a good idea to bring that ingredient along with you on remote trips.

The Riverbend Edition is packed with 20 different recipes. You get 20 recipes divided into 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 4 dinners, 4 “Classics Elevated” recipes (like Fresh Ultralight Pad Thai), and 4 desserts.

chef corso of outdoor eats presents camping cookbooks

Ready for a meal? Just open the book and fire up that stove.

Easy does it.

This cookbook is all about making delicious meals for the least amount of effort. All the recipes have ten ingredients or less and take under thirty minutes to make — the Trail Meals Riverbend Edition from Outdoor Eats keeps things nice and simple. No need to get overwhelmed by a huge list of ingredients that also call for things like a “mandolin”. You don’t need to julienne the onions with this cookbook. Simple, delicious, and achievable meals are just a few minutes away.

Plant Based Trail Meals: Terra Edition

Upon opening Plant Based Trail Meals: Terra Edition, you’ll find a page titled The Plant Based Pantry. This section highlights all the different carbs, proteins, etc., that you can source from plants. Plant based meals can be just as delicious as their meaty alternatives.

This portable cookbook comes with a wide selection of 18 meals to try. Inside, you get 4 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 6 dinners, and 2 desserts. Now that’s a lot of outdoor cooking inspiration for those who want a hearty meal at camp without any animal products.

plant based diet cookbook

Consider this your plant-based meal foundation for outdoor cooking.

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Who is Outdoor Eats?

The mission of Outdoor Eats is to get more people excited about cooking in the great outdoors and enjoying delicious meals wherever they are. Fueled by over 20+ years of experience, Chef Corso diligently crafts recipes for adventurers, and all meals get trail-tested all over the world. The company is headquartered in Washington in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Outdoor Eats hosts tons of outdoor recipes and cooking videos, and is a great overall resource for those looking to step up their camp cooking game.

What’s better than eating well in the great outdoors? How about giving back at the same time. For each hard copy purchased (they come in eBook format too!), Outdoor Eats donates $2 dollars to causes that help protect and promote our public lands.

Chef Corso of Outdoor Eats

Chef Corso of Outdoor Eats

Chef Corso is also one of our Trailblazers here at We’ve been fortunate to work with Chef Corso and Outdoor Eats to bring you a library of fantastic trail recipes full of delectable hiking and backpacking foods.

Go check out the Outdoor Eats Pocket Cookbooks, and learn more about Chef Corso.

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