Granite Gear's Virga3 Series Takes Ultralight Backpacking To A New Level

There’s a certain gravitas in ultralight backpacking, and it’s no longer just the domain of hardcore adventure enthusiasts.

Granite Gear is redefining this notion by introducing a series of backpacks that make lighter gear more accessible to more people.

Meet the Granite Gear Virga3 backpack.

The Virga3 Series Makes Ultralight Backpacking More Accessible

Granite Gear reframes the discussion around ultralight hiking with the new Virga3 series as part of its mission to make the outdoors a place for everyone.

The outdoor brand welcomes all adventurers to share in the ultralight experience with the Virga3 55 and Virga3 26, which include a completely adjustable torso height and breadth and the lightest Re-Fit hip belt to date.

Extending the variety of persons and bodies that their packs may safely and comfortably fit continues to be of utmost significance to the brand.

David Eisenberg, Granite Gear’s Director of Design, said ultralight backpacking is a philosophy that’s growing at a fast pace. Gear’s getting lighter, information on how to go ‘ultralight’ is more accessible, and interest is growing.

“As a pack manufacturer in this space, it’s our responsibility to expand our offerings to fit all body types,” he said.

In order to create a lightweight, frameless (back panel without a frame sheet or foams) pack, the Granite Gear team replicated the inclusive torso-fit system from the award-winning Perimeter series.

“Aside from fit, we strived to keep ultralight affordable from the start. A lot of packs in this arena are double if not triple the retail, making the Virga3 more accessible financially as well,” said Eisenberg.

Standout Features of Granite Gear Virga3 Backpack

Granite Gear uses Robic High-tenacity nylon (100D and 210D) with Barrier DWR to create the Virga series packs, which are made to be incredibly lightweight.

The Virga3 26 weighs 1.26 lbs (stripped weight: 1.16 lb), and the Virga3 55 weighs 1.68 lbs (stripped weight: 1.18 lb).

The suspension of the pack comes from the load itself. A sleeping pad may be dropped inside the nylon shell to provide support and stiffness.

Allow the pad to unroll and push up against the bag as you store your belongings inside the roll.

The Virga3 looks good at any angle.

What’s New With Virga3 Series

As an update from the Virga2, Granite Gear’s lightest, most flexible cushioned Re-Fit waist belt for the Virga3 55 and a 25mm webbing waist belt are new additions.

With two completely replaceable sternum straps for an equal embrace, the shoulder harness system now pays homage to the worlds of trail running and rapid packing.

Other key features include:

The Virga3 26 (MSRP: $179.99) is available in Unisex Regular torso, while the Virga3 55 (MSRP: $199.99) is available in Unisex/Women’s Fit Short, Regular, and Long torsos.

Both sizes come in a variety of colors, including the fan-favorite undyed shade, giving you a blank canvas on which to express your creativity.

We are currently testing the Virga3 55L Backpack, and we will share our thoughts soon. Want to learn more about Granite Gear and what we think of the brand’s backpacks? Read our full review of the Granite Gear Crown 2 backpack.

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    Complexity adds weight, this pack being no exception. The long is 7.5 ounces heavier than the pack it replaced.

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