Kickstart the Innovative Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask

Hibear has done the seemingly impossible and reinvented the water bottle. Or, rather, it has added so much functionality to the water bottle that the All-Day Adventure Flask, its debut product, represents something new.

HiBear Design Co all-day adventure flask two bottles coffee grounds

The All-Day Adventure Flask by Hibear. Pour over, and so much more.

The brand is launching itself and its key product in one epic crowdfunding campaign — and it’s killing it. That’s in part due to good branding, but mostly due to truly innovative product. The All-Day Adventure Flask is billed as a stainless steel, vacuum insulated bottle that can make a pour-over cup of coffee, brew tea, and shake a cocktail.

As if that wasn’t enough, it brews all that tastiness while keeping your beverages hot or cold and includes a sturdy bumper that doubles as a deep mug for dogs and humans. It has a total capacity of 32 ounces (a liter) for hydration, and weighs 29 ounces total.

HiBear Design Co all-day adventure flask 3 Colors

A few color options of the Hibear Design Co All-Day Adventure Flask. The white bottle comes with the boot, but it’s off to showcase the cool art.

Help launch Hibear into the outdoor industry with the All-Day Adventure Flask, a thirsty-person’s do-it-all beverage machine.

Kickstart the Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask

The All-Day Adventure Flask’s Many Modes

As we said above, the Adventure Flask’s speciality is making a maximum number of drinks in a single container. To do this, Hibear has tooled a few unique pieces to make this promise possible.

HiBear Design Co all-day adventure flask Breakdown

A simple-looking rugged bottle that holds more than you might think.

First is the pour over lid. This “lid” makes up nearly the top third of the bottle and looks like a part of the aesthetic design. But then you unscrew, invert, and re-screw it and it becomes the ideal coffee pour over receptacle. It works best with a V60 #2 coffee filter, and you simply add grounds, pour hot water slowly, then drink.

The best part is that you’re brewing it directly into the main part of the Adventure Flask, which is insulated to keep it warm.

The second piece is the large steel filter that sits in the center of the Adventure Flask. This can be used to cold brew coffee grounds, brew loose leaf tea, infuse water with sprigs of mint, or anything, really. It’s very fine, classic tea strainer that’s extra long for lots of caffeine and screws into place when in use.

Then there’s the cocktail strainer, which screws into the top of the steel filter. This works just like a shaker at home: mix your drink in the bottom half of the Adventure Flask, put the lid on for a few wild shakes, then use the strainer to slow pour for you and friends.

HiBear Design Co all-day adventure flask pour 2

There is nothing quite like the pour of a well mixed cocktail.

Finally there’s a large metal tube in the center of the steel filter, which also runs about half the length of the bottle. This is a Thermal Core, a fancy name for a thing you can freeze overnight before a big trip. Instead of using ice and diluting your drink, throw in the Thermal Core and you’ll keep your drink icy for hours. This also serves as a surprisingly useful muddler (and tent stake driver).

You can remove the filter, thermal core, and cocktail strainer if you want to save weight, but it all stores neatly and securely inside the bottle.

As if the above wasn’t enough, the Adventure Flask’s silicon boot sleeve protects the bottle from drops and makes an impressive mug. Most silicon boots are floppy, but the Hibear sleeve stands up well and makes sure you’ll always have an extra drinking vessel for friends or dogs. It also serves as a solid bowl for stew, too.

HiBear Design Co all-day adventure flask boot

When you build products, build them for humans and dogs. It always pays off.

Hibear’s Glass Shield Technology

Our team — a bunch of gear nerds and reviewers — have often wondered about a better way to coat the inside of stainless steel bottles. Despite their amazing properties, they can leave a metallic taste in drinks.

Hibear must’ve thought the same thing, because the All Day Adventure Flask’s interior is coated with glass — dubbed the Glass Shield Technology. It’s an ultra-thin glass coating that has been applied to the stainless steel, getting the nonabsorbent benefits of glass without the whole break-ability thing.

So, yes, your beverages will touching glass primarily, which assures your beverages won’t taste funky, and that the Flask will be a snap to clean.

Kickstart the Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask

Who is Hibear?

We’re no strangers to brands that use crowdfunding campaigns and one epic product to make a bold name for themselves. Hibear follows a long line of very successful outdoor companies, like WANDRD, and is doing more than just making something cool.

Hibear is also pushing sustainability at its outset as a 1% for the Planet Member and Climate Neutral Certified brand. This means that outside of the plastic water bottles you’ll save by picking up the All-Day Adventure Flask, some of the money made off the product will go directly to environmentally responsible non-profits, and Hibear’s manufacturing and business processes will use carbon offsets to make no negative impact on the environment.

We are excited to see what Hibear comes up with next — and make sure to back the All-Day Adventure Flask on Kickstarter before it’s gone.

This article is sponsored by Hibear Design Co.

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