Meet the Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask: Much More Than a Water Bottle

Adventure in all its forms is made better with versatile, adaptable gear. Water bottles are a ubiquitous adventure item—they’re in the hands and backpack pockets of explorers everywhere from the trail to the tarmac. But, what if a water bottle could be more—could be better?

Hibear Night Hike All-Day Adventure Flask

Meet the Hibear Night Hike All-Day Adventure Flask.

Hibear has made such a bottle, one that is better and more capable than its predecessors. The Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask is, first and foremost, a high-quality insulated water bottle with standout features.

But that wasn’t good enough for Hibear.

Hibear Flask

A multifunctional bottle that can do much more than hold water.

No. Hibear went above and beyond, and then even further, to engineer the All-Day Adventure Flask. This bottle can brew coffee in two ways, make tea, shake up cocktails, and so much more. Read on to find out everything this more-than-a-water-bottle is capable of.

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Unique Features of the Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask

Hibear designed the All-Day Adventure Flask to make exploring new places easier and more enjoyable. The creators knew that adventurous travelers needed a better bottle, and so they decided to make it. Here’s what makes the Adventure Flask so special.

Night Hike Flask

The Night Hike is one of several color combos to choose from.

A Water Bottle Without Compromise

First things first—to make a versatile and multifunctional water bottle, Hibear did not have to compromise the quality of the water bottle itself. In fact, they made sure that this foundational component of the Adventure Flask was as good as it could be.

Hibear Night Hike

Over-engineered to make it the best it could be.

The 32-ounce bottle is made from double-wall stainless steel that’s been coated in a durable powder coat, further protected with a silicone sleeve, and capped off with an equally robust vacuum insulated lid.

Those facts alone are hallmarks of a quality travel water bottle. However, it gets even better. Inside, the steel walls have been electropolished to create an exceptionally smooth finish that is easy to clean and pathogen-resistant.

Hibear Muddler

The thermal core, cocktail strainer, and steel filter.

And there’s no need to buy ice—the steel core inside the All-Day Adventure Flask can be frozen to keep your drinks cold. That means less time at the gas station buying bags of ice and more time adventuring. Plus, the steel core won’t water down your mixed drinks and other cold beverages.

Good soup.

The removable silicone sleeve can be used as a mug. Good soup.

Unmatched Versatility: Coffee, Tea, Cocktails—You Name It

The Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask is the ultimate on-the-go drink bottle. Take it backpacking, tailgating, sightseeing, or globetrotting. With this bottle, you can craft all of your favorite beverages wherever you wander.

There are two ways to make coffee with the Adventure Flask. Firstly, you can flip the lid and screw it onto the cocktail shaker to form a pour-over coffee device—all you need is a filter and your favorite grounds. Alternatively, you can fill the cocktail shaker with grounds to craft your own cold brew.

Hibear Coffee

Freshly brewed coffee by Hibear.

And yes, we said cocktail shaker. Mix up your favorite drink anytime, anywhere—just be sure to make enough to share with friends. The cocktail shaker can keep ice, fruit, and other mixins separate from your drink so that the flavor imparts, but you don’t get any undesirable chunks of ice or fruit in the end product. Also, that thermal core can be used as a muddler to mash up mint, basil, or whatever in the removable silicone sleeve. We say cheers to that!

Similarly, the cocktail shaker can also be used to make tea or other herbal infusions. The list goes on; with the All-Day Adventure Flask, you can decant red wine, shake up a protein shake, transport stew—what delicious ideas can you concoct?

Hibear Decant

How many ways can you use the All-Day Adventure Flask? We haven’t found the limit!

You can get crazy with the Adventure Flask or keep it simple. Sometimes, all you need is to carry enough water for you and your dog friend on a night hike. Other times, you might want to get more creative.

Hibear Dog Water

Simple problems require simple solutions.

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Who is Hibear?

Hibear was created by ardent travelers and adventurers who learned the value of having less and knew that what little they did carry with them should be able to do more. Thus, Hibear was born. We helped promote the All-Day Adventure Flask when it was but a Kickstarter, and now it has become an iconic travel companion.


Hi there, Hibear!

Hibear is committed to sustainability. The company is a member of 1% for the Planet and is Climate Neutral Certified.

See the Hibear Night Hike All-Day Adventure Flask, and learn more about Hibear.

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