Meet Outdoor Vitals Satu + DragonWool: All-Purpose Travel Pants and Versatile Baselayers

Outdoor Vitals is in the midst of one of its largest Kickstarter product launches. The direct-to-consumer brand has created two key apparel lines for its ever-growing collection of uniquely designed ultralight outdoor gear.

First, the Satu Adventure Pants. These pants live up to the dream: a good-looking pant that you can wear while backpacking, in the office, on road trips, and whenever you travel. Outdoor Vitals achieves this with stretchy fabric that repels water and stink, a tapered fit that foregoes the cargo look, and by including unique zippers and attachment points throughout.


The Outdoor Vitals Satu Adventure Pants. Mechanical stretch that works.

Second, the DragonWool line of baselayers. DragonWool is a specialized mix of merino wool, polyester, and nylon. The merino wool sits directly against the skin for that silky feel and warmth, and the polyester and nylon create a jersey face that breathes well and feels like athletic-wear.

The Dragonwool baselayer collection has a ¼ zip hoodie, zipping thermal pants, and thermal underwear.


The Outdoor Vitals DragonWool line consists of the Hoodie, Thermals, and Underwear. Hoodie pictured here.

While Outdoor Vitals does have apparel in the form of down jackets, the addition of a legitimate multi-use travel pant and wool-based baselayer line rounds out the brand into a one-stop shop for nearly all of your outdoor gear.

The cut of the clothing is precise, the materials are impressive, and the Kickstarter has already been funded 15 times over (at the time of writing). Get any of these products during the Kickstarter launch for a serious discount, and with a lifetime guarantee.

See the Outdoor Vitals Satu + DragonWool

Unique Features of the Satu Travel Pants

The Satu pants were built to bridge the gap between your work life and your outdoor life. The most noticeably unique feature is the slim fit — these pants do not billow around your calves, and “cargo” is nowhere to be found in the way they fit and look on men or women.


The Satu travel pants: for outdoor or business? Both, clearly.

Typically outdoor pants are bulkier so you can have a full range of motion. The Satu travel pants are made of polyester by Toray, and the fabric uses mechanical stretch properties to achieve the range of motion without the bulk. There is no spandex in the Satu, yet the stretch is excellent. The fabric is also seriously rip resistant and fairly lightweight.

Satu Zippers and Pockets

Beyond the fabric, Outdoor Vitals took their time in choosing which pockets and zippers to include in these all-purpose travel pants.


There are the four standard back and front pockets, a zippered flat cargo pocket (that remains sleek), and an included adjustable belt. The truly unique feature are the hidden zippers that run along the sides of the Satu pants, which open to reveal a fully mesh breathable section, perfect for long hot days on the trail.


There are hem cinchers and gaiter-esque tie-offs hidden in the pant cuffs, and a gusseted crotch for full movement.

Unique Features of the DragonWool Baselayers

The DragonWool line mixes a thermal baselayer with an active, breathable outer layer. The NuYarn DragonWool material is about half merino, half synthetic, and works to combine the best of both synthetic and natural worlds for warm, lightweight, stink- and water-resistant layers.


The DragonWool Hoodie has a quarter zip, thumb loops, a close-cut hood, and a long drape in the back to keep you warm. The Thermals are three-quarter length leggings sized to reduce bunching at the feet, and they include full-length zippers along the side so you can add and remove them without taking off your shoes.


When moving fast as an outer layer, the DragonWool fabric breathes well and protects from the sun. When layered under puffies and pants, it traps heat and warms efficiently.

See the Outdoor Vitals Satu + DragonWool

Who is Outdoor Vitals?

Outdoor Vitals is a direct-to-consumer brand that was built on the idea that premium innovative gear at affordable and ultralight weight is entirely possible. The company keeps costs lower than competitors by foregoing traditional advertising and retail markup, and sources all of its materials directly and with clear information to consumers.

The company is best known for its impressive sleeping bags, and has since expanded into pads, shelters, hammocks, and more.

See the Satu and DragonWool Kickstarter, and learn more about Outdoor Vitals.

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7 responses to “Meet Outdoor Vitals Satu + DragonWool: All-Purpose Travel Pants and Versatile Baselayers

  1. Velva Lee Heratysays:

    Want to order Satu pants for women via Kickstarter/ Need to know ore about waistline in relationship to size. Please reply with info and cost beyond Kickstarter campaign. Thanks!

    1. Daniel Zweiersays:

      Hi Velva,

      Thanks for reading! The best people to ask directly is Outdoor Vitals, the brand that created the Kickstater. They have an active “Comments” section where you can ask them directly about what sizing you’d like, and see if they offer it.

      That said, we’d be happy to relay a specific question around sizing to them, if you want to post it here. What waistline and inseam length are you looking for? Cost should be the same regardless of the size.

  2. Robert Hardwicksays:

    Can you buy the Outdoor Vitals DragonWool Hoodie in the UK

    1. Daniel Zweiersays:

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for checking in. We just heard back from the brand: “The DragonWool is expected to be available on our site in November or December this year. Shipping will be available worldwide, but there will be international shipping fees.”

    2. Ruben Navasays:

      Last week I ordered a pair of of dragon wool pants I ordered a size medium of wind up getting a size XXX 4 which I would never be able to know how to return those so I can get the right size thank you

      1. Daniel Zweiersays:

        Hi Robert,

        Thanks for reaching out. Please get in touch with Outdoor Vitals directly for incorrect sizing (we don’t sell or ship their products): [email protected]

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    1. Sherman Waringsays:

      The product photos hide at least as much as they show. Haven’t you ever looked at anyone else’s product photos? When you’ve got something better to look at, let me know.

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