Kickstart Outdoor Vitals KotaUL: The Ultralight Travel and Adventure Backpack

Why do we need to have separate backpacks for urban travel and wilderness backpacking? Why isn’t there an ultralight backpack that can travel as well on the streets and in the airport terminal as it does out in the wilderness?

The Outdoor Vitals KotaUL is a lightweight travel and adventure backpack that can do it all and look good while doing it. It was designed by hardcore backpackers who know what it’s like to lug dozens of pounds of gear across dozens of miles of rugged backcountry terrain.

Outdoor Vitals KotaUL

Meet the KotaUL Ultralight Travel and Adventure Backpack.

Yet those same people also know the trials and tribulations that come with urban commutes and international air travel. They wanted a bag that could do it all, and they knew that many of us did too, which is why they created the KotaUL backpack.

Kickstart the Outdoor Vitals KotaUL Backpack

Unique Features of the KotaUL Backpack

A backpack should perform well and feel comfortable. That’s why there are so many specialized hiking, travel, and commuter backpacks to choose from—but that vast array of choices provides as many drawbacks as it does benefits.

Outdoor Vitals solved the multi-backpack problem with the KotaUL Backpack. This backpack was designed for “wear-all-day comfort” from the terminal to the trail and everywhere else you roam.

KotaUL Backpack City

All-day comfort.

The KotaUL is an Adaptable Backpack

Where other backpacks may leave you lacking in storage options or flop around like a fish on your back when they’re lightly loaded, the KotaUL Ultralight Travel and Adventure Backpack was engineered to excel.

Backpacking KotaUL

Trail ready.

The KotaUL features a customizable internal compression system. This enables you to compress your pack when there’s not much in it so that it remains snug and secure against your back or to let loose when extra packing room is required.

Internal Compression System KotaUL

Internal compression straps and removeable accessories straps keep things in place.

You can compress the entire pack, or only certain portions of it, to fit your needs. Additionally, four removable accessory straps have been included so that you can lash on whatever extra you decide to bring along. Leave those straps at home when you want to go ultralight.

Pockets KotaUL

Many pockets for your many things.

In its standard form, the KotaUL backpack weighs 2 pounds 13 ounces or about half the weight of most travel packs. The shoulder straps can be tucked away to keep the back sleek, as can the hipbelt which can also be fully removed to reduce weight further.

No Hipbelt KotaUL Backpack

Slim down the KotaUL for ultralight hikes and urban adventures.

Multiple full-length zippers allow you to access your gear from any direction, and the four discreet grab handles located around the pack make it so that you can always grab it and go when you need to be on the move.

Zippers KotaUL

Many zippers and handles for easy access to all your gear.

Smartly Designed for Safety and Security

The KotaUL backpack is almost completely customizable in its form and function. However, that doesn’t mean that any corners were cut for the sake of adaptability.

Laptop Sleeve KotaUL

The raised laptop sleeve.

For instance, zipper security loops have been sewn in to prevent would-be thieves from quickly accessing anything inside your pack. The internal compression straps help to keep fragile valuable like camera gear locked down tight. Likewise, the well though-out laptop sleeve is padded and raised so that accidental drops or clumsy airport security personnel won’t damage your equipment.

Each pocket has been designed with multiple uses in mind. The KotaUL backpack has been made so that you can stow your gear in the way that makes the most sense to you. Plus, there are multiple Outdoor Vitals storage items like compression bags and storage cubes that have been made specifically for the KotaUL. So go ahead, customize the KotaUL to your heart’s content. Make this backpack yours.

Kickstart the Outdoor Vitals KotaUL Backpack

Who Is Outdoor Vitals?

Outdoor Vitals creates premium, versatile outdoor gear that is as practical in town as it is on trail. The brand has a laser focus on “wear-all-day comfort” no matter where you happen to be. We’ve previously featured the Outdoor Vitals Ventus Active Hoodie and the Satu Adventure Pants. Now, we’re showcasing the backpack to complete the set.

Outdoor Vitals

For outdoor life, anywhere it happens.

See the Outdoor Vitals KotaUL, and learn more about Outdoor Vitals.

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