ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler Deep Dive

The ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler is a unique offering from ICEMULE that is sure to delight cyclists of all types, including mountain bikers, in-town commuters, and adventurous bikepackers.

This compact, weatherproof cooler easily mounts to your bike’s handlebars and transitions into a cross-body sling. In either form, it’s a sleek, transportable mini cooler that doesn’t sacrifice performance.

icemule made the impulse bike bag cooler for traveling

The new ICEMULE Impulse cooler looks right at home on any bike.

The ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler is designed to fit three cans plus ice to keep your drinks cool for up to 10 hours. This is perfect for those grab-and-go moments when you want to head out for a fun ride and a good time. The roll-top closure system ensures that the cold stays in and also aids in weatherproofing .

icemule impulse cooler bag for bikes

Load the ICEMULE Impulse up with ice and your favorite drinks.

This cooler is made to travel to the beach, the mountains, the woods, and anywhere else you go. It is built with rugged construction, including a weather-sealed zipper on the back, which is a great place for keys, wallet, or other personal items. Designed specifically for bikes, the Impulse cooler includes two velcro straps for mounting onto your handlebars and a long strap on the back to secure it to the headtube for bounce-free transportation.

icemule bike cooler bag

Easy attachment points for handlebars.

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ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler  Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs What This Means
Weight 1 pound Exceptionally lightweight cooler. You won’t notice it.
Dimensions 11″ x 4.25″ x 9″ Just right for a handlebar bag.
Cooler Type Soft Cooler Fits better on the bike handlebar than a hard cooler would.
Colors Multiple colorways Grab the color that suits your style.
Zippers 1 Waterproof zipper compartment.
Closure Roll top Super secure and super weatherproof.
Capacity  4.5 liters, or 3 cans + ice Enough to get fancy.
Attachment Points Bike handlebar and headtube Solid attachments for a secure hold.
Ice retention Keeps drinks cold for 10 hours Long enough for a long ride or a day at the beach.
Warranty 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty. Dissatisfied for any reason? They’ll make it right.
Retail Price $99 The versatility makes this a good buy.

See the ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler

Unique Features of ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler

The Impulse Bike Bag Cooler has a stellar form factor, making it simple to take with you wherever you want to go. This slim cooler has a wedge shape that fits the handlebar mount well.

It also features a shoulder strap and can be carried anywhere, like a messenger bag.

icemule impulse insulated cooler bag for bikes

Toss it on your shoulder when the ride is done.

Roll-Top Closure

The ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler features a simple and easy-to-use roll-top closure. The closure seals nice and tight with robust and long-lasting metal hardware, so you won’t need to worry about it coming undone. Nothing is falling out or getting in until you want it to.

icemule impulse bike bag cooler

The ICEMULE Impulse is compact and thoughtfully designed.

Waterproof Zipper Compartment

A nifty waterproof zipper compartment on the backside of the cooler is a nice extra spot for storage. This compartment stays separate from the rest of the cooler, so you don’t need to worry about getting whatever you put in there wet.

It’s a perfect spot to hold a smartphone or some snacks while you’re riding the trails.

zippered compartment on the icemule impulse

Keep personal items secure with this weatherproof zippered compartment.

Headtube Strap Extender

Depending on the type of bike you ride, you may need to grab a strap extender for your new ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag. This simple strap expands the fit for bike types like hard tails and full suspension rigs.

The strap provides extra clearance to fit around bulkier head tubes and front triangles. When combined with the handlebar attachments, the cooler is exceptionally secure on the bike.

ice mule impulse cooler can be attached to your hardtail

Have those post-lap beers a little early if you want.

To install the extender, you simply connect one end to the existing strap. It adds six inches of length, so it should fit around just about any head tube of a modern mountain or fat bike. The bag fits just perfectly without having to finesse cables around, and it should stay secure through even a technical single track. Just ask ICEMULE to add it to your order.

icemule impulse bike ice chest

The extension strap easily allows for attachment to modern mountain bikes.

How the ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler Compares to Other Bike Coolers

The ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler truly is a unique product. It’s class-defining. As such, there aren’t a lot of products to directly compare it to. Instead, we’ll show you some other coolers designed for use on the bike. The appeal of the Impulse cooler is how easily it can adapt to whatever you want to do.

load up the icemule impulse and toss it on your bike

Let’s ride!

ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler VS RockBros Bike Trunk Cooler Bag

There aren’t many bike storage options for keeping your food or drink cold whileriding, and even fewer if you want something that you can easily pop off the bike and take with you.

One alternative is the RockBros Bike Trunk which provides 11 liters of storage. This is more than the ICEMULE, but the Bike Trunk’s size and weight are much more than you’d need to keep a couple of drinks or sandwiches cold. There’s also no way to easily transport the RockBros Bike Trunk Cooler Bag, so it’s not a great option for folks who want to move the party off the bike.

ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler VS Bushwhacker Mesa Trunk Bag

The Bushwhacker Mesa Trunk Bag is an insulated cooler/pannier that sits on the top of your bike rack. It has loads of pockets, storage, and an area to clip your rear light onto. This trunk bag can swallow up your whole crew’s lunch and keep it cool, but once again, it’s huge, and there is no great way to remove the cooler to take it with you.

The Bushwhacker also is not waterproof, so anything you put in there can get soaked. You may get a larger volume overall, but it comes with a cost. As a personal bike cooler bag, the ICEMULE Impulse simply makes more sense.

The ICEMULE Impulse is the Bike Cooler to Get

Not many products out there can seamlessly transition from your bike to your shoulder for a day on the town. The Impulse can.

The ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler stands out because you can easily mount it onto your bike, then remove it when the ride is done and toss it across your shoulder to take it down to the beach, park, ballgame, or anywhere else. It’s versatility gives you more options. And that’s just straight-up cool.

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ICEMULE has become a staple in the cooler industry for making cooler bags and other products that are made to travel. ICEMULE also has a unique line of backpack coolers, such as the Jaunt-R. So, no matter where you roam, you can take a cold drink with you.

icemule impulse bike pack cooler

ICEMULE makes cooler bags that you can take anywhere.

See the ICEMULE Impulse Bike Bag Cooler, and learn more about ICEMULE.

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