Meet the Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie: A Versatile Layer for Outdoor Activities

Need a new layering piece for your year-round outdoor activities? Consider the Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie — a versatile, lightweight hoodie that’s equally at home out on high-mountain trails as it is strolling down the local riverwalk.

Meet the Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie.

The Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie has everything you want in an outdoor mid-layer and nothing you don’t. It sports a weather-worthy outer that will repel wind and light rain, and the interior is a soft fleece that provides solid warmth for shoulder season activities when used as a mid-layer or standalone outer layer.

This hoodie has a fantastic silhouette. The trim fit and elastic hem keep it close to the body.

The Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie has a generous fit with 4-way stretch fabric, which allows for free articulation of your arms and provides room for additional layers underneath. The arms utilize an elastic cuff with just the right amount of stretch. You’ll find no issue trying to pull this hoodie on over, say, a baselayer and a chunky sports watch.

Features of the stio sidecut hoodie

The elastic cuffs provide plenty of stretch without looking like a scrunchie from the 90s.

This lightweight hoodie is bound to find its way into your pack time and time again. You’ll love it for its breathability, packability, durability, stretchy fit, and quality finish. We tested the men’s version, but there is an equally impressive women’s Sidecut Tech Hoodie as well.

See the men's Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie

See the women's Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie

Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie Specifications

Feature Type Feature Specs (men’s) What This Means
Weight 15oz Lightweight, considering you get wind and water protection alongside the thermal properties of this layer.
Type Tech Midlayer For outdoor activities in inclement weather.
Material 90% recycled polyester/10% spandex Sustainable and stretchy.
Zippers Large front zip, zipped hand pockets, zipped chest pocket YKK® reverse coil zippers where you want them most.
Pockets 3 Two large hands warmer pockets and a chest pocket.
Weather Resistant Yes Weather-resistant shell with DWR coating.
Waist Elastic hem Non-adjustable elastic hem. Holds shape well.
Color Multiple Three colors to choose from.
Fit Slim Order a size up if you don’t want a snug fit.
Sustainability PFC Free DWR + recycled polyester PFC Free DWR coating is effective and environmentally friendly.
Hood Fixed peripheral adjust hood Fits well around your head. Looks good and provides great protection from the wind.
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime Products are guaranteed for their practical lifetime.
Retail Price $189 Worth it.

See the men's Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie

See the women's Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie

Unique Features of Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie

Let’s talk about how sleek this hoodie is. The outer face of the Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie is finished with a DWR coating — that means water slides right off. Seriously. You’ll find that light rain and splashes are nothing to worry about.

DWR coating of the stio sidecut tech hoodie

The DWR coating on the shell fabric is extremely effective.

Imagine leaving camp in the morning and walking through low shrubs and not getting soaked. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? The tech face is nice and quiet, too, so you won’t be plagued by that all-too-common swishing sound associated with most rain gear as you go about your adventures.

stio sidecut tech hoodie

Look at that DWR in action.

The Sidecut Tech Hoodie sports two zippered hand warmer pockets as well as a chest pocket. These pockets are quite cozy and can help warm up your hands quick, plus they will keep them protected from those frigid winds.

The zippered chest pocket is huge — it’s large enough to fit big smartphones, even with chunky cases on them. It’s a great spot to keep your personal items safe and easy to access.

chest pocket on the stio sidecut tech hoodie

The zippered chest pocket is quite deep.

High Collar. High performance.

Stio was thoughtful of all possible weather conditions when designing this hoodie. As such, they added something that is missing from all too many garments in this category. The collar on the Sidecut Tech Hoodie goes all the way up to your chin.

When the weather is really nasty, and you’re either hunkered down in your tent or your hiking in your shell, this is going to make you a whole lot more comfortable. The soft brushed fleece collar is extremely comfortable next to your skin and won’t get stuck on your beard, either.

high collar of the stio sidecut tech hoodie

All praise the high collar!

How the Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie Compares to Other Mid-layer Hoodies

There are a plethora of hoodies out there to choose from. The Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie stands out in several regards.

stio sidecut hoodie is a great layer for all outdoor activities

Comfortable, breathable, and weather resistant — all great qualities of the Sidecut Tech Hoodie.

Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie vs. Patagonia R1 Hoody

The venerable R1 is one classic mid-layer. It has proven tried and true through the years and is trusted by thousands of adventurers. However, it is an older design and, as such, is missing a few key elements that the Stio Tech Hoodie provides. For instance, you won’t find hand warmer pockets on the R1 Hoody. The R1 Hoody also does not sport the same type of weather protection or shell-like outer as the Sidecut. This means that wind and water can cut right through this layer.

These two pieces are at a similar price point, so if you are looking for a fleece layer that adds weather protection, then the Stio is your clear winner. They each excel in their own way.

Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie vs. Arcteryx Atom SL Hoody

The Arcteryx Atom SL Hoody is a premium ultra-light mid-layer for all your outdoor activities. It weighs about half the weight of the Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie and costs about $50 dollars more. You’ll find ultra-light “core-loft” insulation in this hoodie, but only in the midsection. The arms are not insulated at all. The outer shell of the Atom hoodie does provide great weather resistance that is similar to the Stio Sidecut Hoodie.

The Atom has an altogether different style of fit than the Sidecut. The Atom has a trim fit that’s snug to your body, whereas the Sidecut Hoodie was designed to house a few layers underneath it. Hence, the Sidecut Hoodie is a far more versatile piece of equipment and should find more use case scenarios for you than the Arcteryx Atom SL Hoody.

Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie vs. Outdoor Research Vigor Plus Fleece Hoodie

If you’re looking for a great mid-layer that can shed light rain and win and provides great warmth for all types of outdoor activities, both of these pieces are great options. They both come equipped with comfortably warm hoods, weather-blocking shells, zippered hand pockets, and a chest pocket. The Outdoor Research Vigor Plus Fleece Hoodie comes in at $20 dollars cheaper but also clocks in at 3.5oz heavier.

However, you’ll find that the Stio Sidecut Tech hoodie is going to be a more versatile layer than the Vigor Plus Fleece Hoodie. The Vigor Plus was designed specifically for frigid weather, and so it won’t be as useful during the shoulder seasons. On the other hand, the Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that can be worn really any day of the year.

See the men's Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie

See the women's Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie

Who is Stio?

Stio is based out of Jackson, Wyoming—a haven for all things outdoors. They make great gear that can take you from the river to the mountains (and back). Being based just a short drive from the Teton Range, and all of Yellowstone, they know a thing or two about the outdoors and what makes great outdoor gear.

The brand believes that the outdoors is for everyone and strives to create an inclusive environment. They chose to use the cone of the Whitebark Pine as their logo, an intrinsic part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The cone represents the perfect design of nature and is meant to remind us all to protect the places that we love.

This is Stio. Check out that Whitebark Pine Pinecone logo!

See the Stio Sidecut Tech Hoodie, and learn more about Stio.

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