Memorial Day 2021 Giveaway! $2,200 in Prizes

We have partnered with 10 incredible brands to give you first-class gear for an amazing Memorial Day Weekend!

Win $2,200 in prizes! There will be two winners, First and Second Place. Enter with your email address, name, zip code, and age, and earn many additional entries by sharing with your friends, following participating brands on Instagram, and completing our Backpacker Type survey! The giveaway will run from May 21st – 28th May 2021

Enter the Giveaway below, and while you wait to see if you won, check out some of our best outdoor guides.

Best Camping Mattresses



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Best 4-Person Tents


Memorial Day 2021 Giveaway Prizes

First Place

Arms of Andes $200 Gift Card

Cornbread Hemp $100 Gift Card

Hibear All-Day Adventure Flask

onX Backcountry 4 x Annual Memberships

PURA Soda Backpack and Soda Sampler Pack

Rawlogy Roller Ball Prize Bundle   

Survival Frog All-in-One Bug Out Bag + 6 Survival Kits

SylvanSport Dine O Mite Camp Kitchen

Best Hiking Boots


Second Place

Corbeaux Clothing $200 Gift Card

Cornbread Hemp $100 Gift Card

Good To-Go Thru Hiker Food Kit

Hibear  All-Day Adventure Flask

onX Backcountry 3 x Annual Memberships

Rawlogy Roller Ball Prize Bundle 

SylvanSport Go Picnic Pad Affiliate Policy: This post contains affiliate links, which help fund our website. When you click on the links to purchase the gear we get a commission, and this goes a long way to creating guides, gear reviews, and other excellent content.

Arthur McMahon

Arthur loves to walk. It's as simple as that. He believes walking is the best way to experience the world. Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail was his first backpacking foray, and he hasn't stopped since. Follow his adventures and stories on Instagram.

52 responses to “Memorial Day 2021 Giveaway! $2,200 in Prizes

  1. David Capehartsays:

    My wife and I love being outdoors camping and hiking would love to be able to continue for many years to come.

    1. We love hiking in and camping with our pups

  2. I love seeing all these new products!

      1. JCsays:

        I love these products. We have used them as gifts for grandchildren.

      2. As a disabled veteran this would be great for my wife and I to get out and enjoy the mountains of Idaho. Thank you Arthur for that chance!

        1. Idaho is a beautiful state. Best of luck!

  3. theresasays:

    i would love all that great gear for my time in the woods

    1. Alfredosays:

      I’d love the opportunity to win this gear. Could always use more gear to make our camping and backpacking easier!

    2. Love the tools and service they have for there customers, Thanks

  4. Diane Solomonsays:

    This package would be the best anniversary gift I could give my veteran husband to get us up a going again backpacking in the wilderness.

  5. Would be so awesome to win this giveaway! I’d use all the gear on my many backpacking hiking/climbing/bpuldering trips I have planned in Yosemite. Congrats to whoever wins this giveaway and thanks for giving us all a chance to win some rad gear!

  6. Sarahsays:

    Wow! Quite the lineup of awesome prizes! I came across the giveaway from the Good To Go email. I’m gearing up to hike 30+ days (we’re anticipating it might take more like 35), and am taking advantage of their awesome sale to add five more meals to my lineup ‘just in case’ it does take longer. I LOVE their hiking meals, and look forward to checking out some of these additional stores! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for entering. Best of luck on your big hike, and with this giveaway!

  7. Frank H Wodiuksays:

    This would be great to win.

  8. Salley A. Deckersays:

    If only there were a “chsnce” that my name would be drawn as one of the winners,,,

  9. Salley A. Deckersays:

    One has to be in it to”win” it, so an entry is worth the effort!

  10. […] $2,200 in prizes from the following brands: Arms of Andes, Corbeaux, Cornbread Hemp, Good To-Go, Hibear, OnX Backcountry, PURA Soda, Rawlogy, Survival Frog and SylvanSport […]

  11. Nancy Clementssays:

    I would love to win this for my husband and I!

  12. Kathy Scottsays:

    It would be nice to win this giveaway.

  13. David Scottsays:

    I would like to win this.

  14. I hope that I win..

  15. Cheryl Gilmartinsays:

    Would love to go to Yosemite again and Hike

  16. Aaron Millersays:

    At 67 I’m still hitting the trails, National Parks . Hiking, kayaking in the summer, cross country skiing in the winter. What an assist winning some of these prizes would be. Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. Diannasays:

    Thank you for the opportunities. My husband and I love doing day hikes and taking pics of all the beautiful things that nature surrounds us with

  18. Rose Reedersays:

    I hope I win as our family doesn’t have, awesome.

  19. Korrysays:

    My wife and I just retired from teaching elementary physical education. Have to stay active so more hiking and biking and kayaking for us…:)

  20. I love the great outdoors! the fresh air, the sites, mountains etc. I love tent camping and visiting many different states and their campsites. I brought my mom on a camp trip, she even slept in a tent, and apart from the rain which left everything muddy, she would do it again. I am trying to grow my camping adventures hopefully someday with the GO.

  21. Marysays:

    You ask for age in your entry form: don’t worry, you can still hike when you’re 70!

  22. Bobsays:

    Nice stuff, work in Nature. Could make good use of it.

  23. Loriesays:

    Such fun things to win! I loved looking at all the beautiful pictures on the Instagram sites!!

  24. Spending month in Yosemite volunteering and NEED everything. Please pick me as winner. Than I’ll contact your team for help in setting up campsite, what to bring to eat and be comfortable with equipment. Most important what to expect. What clothes, boots, lights, etc. to buy and how to use. Really. I’m so excited about camping and ready to have adventures of my life. Thanks so much your website is excellent in explaining equipment.

    1. Thank you for volunteering to protect and preserve our outdoor spaces, and good luck!

  25. BILL Ragsdalesays:

    Getting ready to move to Colorado. Winning would be a great bonus in starting more adventures!


    I hope I get picked I’m a disabled army vet that likes to go camping and could use the win to get more camping gear

  27. Jeffrey R Powellsays:

    sounds like great products

  28. I walked the Appalachian Trail when I was 15 with my art teacher taking photos for the winter art class at Appalachian university .Love the out doors .My wife likes water falls. Some are a long hike away like a days away wining this gear a dream come true.

  29. Phillip Odlesays:

    As I get closer to retirement, I am looking forward to being able to get outdoors hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting more often. I have been picking up more hiking and survival gear over the past year in preparation! The items in these prize packages would be a welcome addition to my “stash”! Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest!

  30. Lorisays:

    Sweet gear! Would be an excellent addition for our hurricane preparedness survival kit.

  31. james r moreadithsays:

    thanks for opportunity to enter

  32. CPO Billsays:

    Could use the gear when wife and I travel and camp in our RV.

  33. John Russell McDowellsays:

    a disabled veteran this would be great for my wife and I to get out and enjoy the Salt Water Fishing .

  34. Can always use good equipment. We frequently travel in highly undeveloped areas and maintain a complete survival pack wherever we go

  35. never have too much gear and i love sharing it with others

  36. I would love a prize package as I’m a 63 treat old disabled veteran, but I can atstillstilldo my best to get out in this Beautiful world and enjoy what has been created for all if ya to see, tho absorb, to be in awe, and to fall in love with. We have been so blessed with such a beautiful, diverse, intriguing planet and home for all of us.

    1. Best of luck! It’s a wonderful world out there.

  37. Kenneth Bucknersays:

    Looking forward to winning

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