onX Backcountry Pledges 100% of Proceeds to Leave No Trace

onX, a pioneer in outdoor digital navigation, launched its “All In For Outdoors” program to celebrate Great Outdoors Month. For the month of June, onX is offering a one-year membership to onX Backcountry–its newest navigation app–on the onX website for the discounted price of $10 (a $29.99 value).

onX Backcountry will then donate all of June’s online proceeds to the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics–a nonprofit dedicated to protecting the places recreationists love by teaching people how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly.

onx Backcountry for Hikers and Backpackers

Explore any wilderness at the touch of your fingertips with the onX Backcountry app.

onX Backcountry helps outdoor explorers find great adventures, navigate in remote places, and get home safely. Tens of thousands of guidebook and expert-curated adventures and 650,000 miles of trails provide inspiration, while the App’s GPS tools are tailored to the needs of hikers, backpackers, trail runners, and backcountry skiers of all skill levels. See our full highlight of onX Backcountry.

“At onX, our mission is to awaken the adventurer in everyone. We believe that the more people who experience the outdoors, the more likely they are to join us in protecting these special places for the future,” said onX VP of Marketing, Chris Bate. “As a company that encourages public land exploration, we recognize our obligation to advocate for and protect these shared resources, especially as our trails and parks see unprecedented attention. By partnering with Leave No Trace, we aim to educate our growing audience–millions of returning and new recreationists–on how they can reduce the impact they have while exploring our outdoor playgrounds.”

onx All In

Going All in for the Outdoors in Celebration of Great Outdoors Month

When the pandemic first hit in March 2020, 43% of Americans said they would be doing more outdoor activities than usual. That prediction proved accurate, and over the next few months, hiking participation rose by 8.4%, new campers increased five fold, and backcountry ski and snowboard sales grew by 81% and 146% respectively. And it’s predicted that this increase in outdoor recreation will continue.

While new participation has been a boon to the outdoor industry, it hasn’t come without a cost. Leave No Trace estimates that 9 out of 10 people who visit the outdoors don’t understand the impact they have on the land they explore. That adds up, when you consider that Americans take an estimated 13 billion outdoor trips each year. Here are a few examples of that impact, as cited by Leave No Trace:

“Leave No Trace is thrilled to partner with onX during June as part of Great Outdoors Month,” said Leave No Trace Executive Director, Dana Watts. “Together we can ensure that everyone planning to spend time outside this summer is equipped with the tools and knowledge to protect our natural places.”

Leave No Trace’s education-based philosophy centers around 7 Principles, a framework of minimum impact practices for anyone exploring the outdoors. By raising funding for and awareness of Leave No Trace throughout the month of June, onX aims to encourage more people to thoughtfully and responsibly venture into the outdoors this summer.

All purchases of onX Backcountry for the All in For Outdoors program must occur on the onX website. To learn more about the All In for Outdoors program, visit https://try.onxmaps.com/backcountry-great-outdoors-month


Leave no trace.

About onX 

Founded in 2009, onX is a pioneer in digital outdoor navigation, developing software that helps inform, inspire, and empower outdoor recreationists. onX Backcountry, onX Offroad, and onX Hunt make up the company’s suite of apps which are built by explorers for explorers. Because off-the-beaten path experiences are at the heart of what onX does, the company also leads initiatives to protect and expand access to public land and promote stewardship opportunities. Learn more at www.onxmaps.com/about

About onX Backcountry

The newest navigation app in the onX suite, onX Backcountry empowers trailblazers and powder seekers of all ability and experience levels to find new outdoor experiences and relive old favorites. Unlike other apps on the market, onX Backcountry combines industry-leading GPS tools with expert-curated adventure content. In 2021, an undiscounted annual subscription to onX Backcountry is $29.99. Follow the campaign with #AllInForOutdoors and #onXGreatOutdoors and online at https://try.onxmaps.com/backcountry-great-outdoors-month

About Leave No Trace

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics protects the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly. The Center accomplishes this mission by delivering cutting-edge education and research to millions of people across the country every year. Learn more at www.LNT.org.

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